Top 5 mattresses for restless sleepers

When you share your bed with a partner and one of you moves around a lot during the night, some mattresses carry this movement over to the other person causing them to wake up – this is known as motion transfer. It is quite normal to roll around and find a new sleeping position during your sleep cycle, but waking up another person as a result is not healthy for the person being woken, and with the right mattress can be prevented.

Woman sat in bed looking frustrated as man sleeps beside her

Transfer of motion is a common complaint between partners – if you have ever slept next to a restless sleeper you know how disruptive it is and how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep.

Getting proper sleep is so important for your mind, body and even life expectancy. You spend roughly a third of your life sleeping, and when your sleep cycle is disrupted so is the quality of your sleep, and eventually your health.

The correct beds and mattresses can not only help you to stop tossing and turning so much, but also limit the disturbance to your partner when you do. Ideally your mattress should be supportive and comfortable for you both, leading to a deeper sleep all round, which in itself will help to limit partner disturbance.

Certain types of mattresses, such as those with a tied or continuous coil system, allow vibrations to travel through the mattress causing major partner disturbance. Alternatively, mattresses made from foam or individually pocketed springs do a much better job of absorbing movement so it doesn’t travel to the other side of the bed.

Here are the top five mattresses to help minimize motion transfer:

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice when it comes to limiting motion transfer. Originally developed by NASA to combat gravity pressures, the memory foam has great energy absorbing properties – it is less springy and slower to move back to its original shape. It is a good choice for limiting partner disturbance.

carpetright essential memory foam mattress

Latex mattresses

One of the multiple benefits that a latex mattress offers you is that it does not transmit movement easily. The natural materials within latex mattresses help it to conform to your shape and absorb your body’s weight evenly.

It is also a comfortable and popular choice for many because it offers excellent body pressure distribution, helping to support your spine and consequently giving you a superior quality of sleep. Many chiropractors recommend latex as a mattress that gives you optimum support.


Latex has a natural resistance to bacteria and dust mites meaning there are no added chemicals, and being a highly durable mattress it makes financial sense too.

Innerspring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses are the best type of innerspring mattress for reducing motion transfer. The springs are wrapped individually which provides great motion isolation.

Individually wrapped springs are also a popular choice because they follow the natural contour of your body, giving you optimal pressure relief on your joints.

Hybrid mattresses

Using a combination of both innerspring and memory foam or latex, a hybrid mattress can provide the perfect mixture of optimum support with minimum motion transfer. Layers of energy-absorbing memory foam cover a series of individually pocketed springs, providing you with the best of both worlds.


Adjustable mattresses

An adjustable mattress allows you to find your perfect level of comfort. You can adjust the mattress to a position that is just right for your body, and being a Hybrid it offers you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort level and support.

Gone are the days you have to struggle to get good night’s sleep because of your mattress. Just because your partner tosses and turns all night doesn’t mean you have to suffer – there are mattresses out there to help combat this.

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