When looking for new flooring to suit your home, the best way to decide what you want is to order some free samples. But once you’ve got a lovely new floor you’ll be left with carpet or vinyl samples, as well as left over off-cuts.

Be eco-friendly and thrifty by putting spare pieces of flooring to good use. Christmas is on its way, so it’s a better time than any to get creative and there are lots of quirky things you can make with samples, off-cuts and carpet tiles.

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Flooring samples

Take a look at our top 5 fun ideas that are great fun for the entire family and make something unique for your home:

1. The carpet tile dish

Whether you want to keep this for your home or gift it as a Christmas present to a friend, this unique carpet tile dish is perfect for using up your spare carpet tiles.

To create a bowl with a diameter of 20cm you’ll need just two carpet tiles, along with a carpet cutter, cutting mat, cutting ruler, hammer and a few nails.

Simply cut 25mm strips from your carpet tiles and roll them as tight as you possibly can into a spiral. Once the strip is rolled up, secure the end in place with a nail or some strong glue. The next step is to do this again, winding the second strip around the first. Continue this until you’ve reached the diameter you desire.

We recommend that you press your finished coil over the bottom of a normal bowl to create the perfect dish shape.

When you’re done, this funky dish will make a lovely home accessory, ideal for keeping your keys or bits and pieces in.

2. Carpet tile hopscotch

Don’t let your kids miss out on playtime just because it raining, snowing or hailing outside this winter. Recreate the fun of the playground indoors by numbering carpet tiles and laying them out in a hopscotch grid.


3. A textured vase

If you just love having a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home, then there’s no reason you can’t create the perfect textured vase with your carpet samples or cut-offs. With the endless design possibilities, you can ensure it’s as unique as your home is.

Simply cut shapes out of the carpet with scissors, then wrap it around any plain, boring or ugly vase to disguise it – this saves you the waste of throwing it away as well as the cost of buying a new one. The shapes you have cut out can be filled with carpet of a contrasting colour, or left empty to let the light shine through.

This is a great way to up-cycle old accessories and keep your home looking stylish and unique.

4. Carpet pet house

If you’ve got a pet in need of a home renovation, why not create one with your leftover carpet or samples? Simply reline a pet house or bed with cosy carpet to give your pet the comfort and luxury they deserve and keep them warm this winter without forking out for a pricy new pet bed at the most expensive time of the year.

Carpet cat house

5. Quirky coasters

This is the most simple crafty carpet idea of them all – because it requires you to do absolutely nothing. If minimum effort is right up your street then pop your carpet or vinyl samples on the coffee table and use them as quirky coasters.

Not only will you add a bit of a funky edge to the room for free, you’ll also cut down on waste, save money and protect your lovely surfaces from the dreaded cup rings that plague furniture all over the world every day.


So don’t throw away your spare carpet, leftover carpet tiles or the selection of free samples that helped you make the final decision on your new flooring, put them to good use by making something totally unique for your home or your friends.

Order your free samples now and get crafty in time for Christmas!

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