Tiles or laminate? Can you tell the difference?

Tile effect laminate flooring has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years and all of these manufacturing advances means the intricate and detailed designs now available make it extremely difficult to tell it apart from the real thing.

Tile effect laminate flooring

A beautiful tile-inspired floor can now be yours with all the benefits and aesthetics that brings, but with none of the costs and increased maintenance of using real tiles.

Why choose tile effect laminate flooring?

Tile effect laminate is an extremely popular choice and it’s easy to understand why. The list of benefits of laminate is seemingly endless. Not only does it look incredibly authentic, it is also affordable, durable and easy to maintain which ensures that your floor will keep looking fresh and new for many years to come.

These benefits make laminate a perfect choice for your kitchen flooring and its wipe clean surface is perfect to easily wash away spilt food and drink, or marks left by children or pets with dirty feet!

shoes on floor

Laminate’s slip resistant properties render it a great flooring choice in bathrooms and en-suites, making it a much safer and more practical option than ceramic tiles when getting out of either the shower or bath. Plus, let’s not forget it looks fabulous!

What type of tile effect laminate is available?

Laminate flooring is available in such a wide range of styles and designs that it’s no surprise it is remains the go-to flooring in many households. So whether you want dining room, kitchen, study or bathroom flooring, with so much choice of colour, effect and finish available, there’s bound to be a tile laminate that will complement your interior décor perfectly.

Tiled bathroom floor

Think of a tiled floor you’d love and you’ll find there will be an identical tile effect laminate available. From the contemporary style of a stone or dark slate laminate floor to the earthy tones of authentic looking ceramic laminate, the look of a tiled floor can easily be achieved – and visitors to your home will never know the difference.

What are the main differences between laminate and real tiles?

The obvious key difference between a real tiled floor and a laminate tile-effect floor is what it’s made of! Regardless of the design you choose, laminate flooring is always produced in the same way, with synthetic multi-layers fused together by a lamination process. Other differences and benefits include the all-important cost – it really is the affordable alternative to a real stone, slate or ceramic tiled floor. Easy maintenance is another plus point to laminate, simply keep the surface swept and clean and it looks as good as new.

Installing laminate flooring is also much simpler and quicker when compared to laying an actual tiled floor. The laminate is manufactured into boards, which are designed to fit simply and perfectly with each other, giving a crisp and equal finish. Tiles on the other hand can be much trickier to fit, often requiring an experienced professional tiler who knows exactly what they’re doing and that can increase the overall cost of your floor considerably.

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