Thrifty ways to modernise your conservatory

Conservatories have grown in popularity over recent decades with many families looking to add them to their homes to provide an additional room in which to play, relax and entertain.

As a relatively modern concept, conservatories unsurprisingly often have contemporary appearances and styles, but how can you achieve this on a budget? Our thrifty suggestions have all the answers…

Conservatory with dining table

Keep it minimalist

A common modern design theme is minimalism and if you embrace this in your conservatory then you’ll find plenty of opportunity to save money.

Start by being very select with the furniture you add to the room. After all, you didn’t add extra space onto your home just to fill it with more possessions. You did it to give yourself room to breathe – so only bring in furniture that you need and look out for clever storage solutions.

Canvas and wooden assemblies are great options for those on a budget and really work well with minimalist, modern styles too. If you have an all glass conservatory or one that uses metal for the frame then you may also find this creates an interesting contrast between materials.

You can also look to recycle items of furniture from other parts of your house rather than buying new. This will also free up room in other parts of your house and allow you to build a modern style throughout your home.

Save money on the flooring

While the design of the walls and roof of your conservatory will be more or less determined by the style of conservatory you choose, you will get the chance to put your own stamp on the flooring.

Look for durable flooring that can withstand the demands of this room. If you want something that will respond well to the changing temperatures of the conservatory. It’s important to remember they are more susceptible to heat and cold than other parts of the house, and for this reason you may want to try laminate.

Laminate flooring does not stick to the subfloor which allows it to contract and expand depending on the surrounding environment, temperature and humidity. It also comes in a great range of styles and designs including wood and tile-effect so you can get great looking results for less.

Phoenix Park Riviera Oak Laminate Flooring


As a long-lasting, easy to maintain floor you shouldn’t have to worry about damage anytime soon, but should take care to protect it from extreme sunlight to prevent fading which may force ruin the look of your floor before it’s time is up.

Blinds fitted to all windows can help achieve this (not to mention help keep the conservatory cooler for you to enjoy it), but you can also add a strategic rug for added protection and style.

Embrace nature

Finally, if you want a modern looking conservatory then make sure you embrace nature and bring the outdoors in. This is a key theme in all areas of household design and as the conservatory is a transitional building that merges the garden with the main house it is the perfect place to demonstrate the trend.

Conservatory with house plant and armchair

A few strategic pot plants can really lift the appearance of your conservatory, but you should opt for hardy varieties that will thrive in the specific conditions offered by a conservatory to avoid wasting money.

Finally, invest in some floral or similarly printed furnishings to add some homely touches and you’re ready to relax!

Get the perfect laminate flooring for your conservatory, order free samples and try out various styles to suit your home.