Take the stress out of kids’ bedtimes

The nightly challenge of putting your children to bed with no fuss could be over if you make time to establish a bedtime routine. Getting enough sleep is important for everyone – especially children.

We’ve put together some handy tips to help you on the way to making bedtime tantrums a thing of the past…

Set a regular bedtime

It’s important that you help your child’s body clock establish itself so that they are tired at bedtime. Going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day is important for their growth, development and well-being.

Kid ignoring bedtime

Children’s beds

Sleeping is a time when children grow physically and mentally, so it’s important that sleep is deep, comfortable and undisturbed. Make sure that your child has a small single mattress that is supportive but comfortable. You can find out more about ensuring your child gets the best night’s sleep possible by reading our Children’s Beds Buying Guide.

Alex Low Sleeper Children's Bed

Stick to a bedtime routine

Children thrive on routine, and having one in place for bedtime can really work in helping them get to sleep without a fuss.

If you think about how reading in bed can often make adults sleepy, a routine can also help your child learn how to be tired. It should include everything that your child needs to do before going to sleep including having a bath, brushing their teeth, putting on pyjamas and going to the toilet.

Bedtime stories

They might then like to read a book, talk about their day, or just hear a story. Whatever you choose to do, keep the routine short and be firm about ending it when it’s time to sleep.

Set the scene for a good night’s sleep with the right bedroom accessories

Make sure the bedroom is dark, if there is any light filtering through the windows think about investing in a black out blind. However, if your child doesn’t like a totally dark room, turn on a small night-light or leave a hall light on and their door open. Every kid is different, so work out which environment is best for your child.

Create a lovely space that your child will love to spend time

For children, bedtime can mean separation from you and their siblings. This can be made easier with a personal object like a doll, teddy bear or a particular duvet cover. Let your child choose their favourite character from the TV or a book and invest in a duvet cover featuring this character.

Child sleeping with teddy

Involving them in purchasing their cover and other bedroom accessories will make them feel happier, more secure and in control of their bedroom, making it an appealing place to spend time.

There may be days where children are unwell, more hungry or less sleepy than usual and you must adapt to them as every day is different. However, try not to give in to the famous ‘one more thing’, be it a hug, snack, water, another trip to the toilet or one more story. Make all of this part of the routine and stick to it, trying not to give in to any extra requests.

Be firm but fair and a bedtime routine could do wonders for you as well as your child.

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