Summertime… and the living is easy

Summer is finally here!

We’re calling it; summer has officially arrived at Carpetright! And if you’re looking for ways to add a summery splash to your home, well, you may want to read on… 

1: The grass is always greener

When it’s artificial, that is. Long gone are the days of obviously fake grass; our exclusive collection starts from as little as £14.99 and all of them are soft, realistic-looking and safe for kids and animals! Who wants to spend the warm, sunny days cutting the grass when you could be enjoying an ice-cream instead? Read up on how to look after your new grass here – it’s easier than you think. 

2: It’s all in the details 


You can make a room feel cosy for winter and airy for summer simply by swapping and moving accessories. Switch faux fur cushions for bright, vibrant hues or pretty pastel shades and incorporate plants and flowers (they don’t have to be real if you’re not naturally green-fingered!) for a fresh and light ambience. it’s probably also time to give your heavy duty rug a rest and time to bring in one that reflects the new season. We love our Natural Jute rug for a Mediterranean feel. 

3: A fresh lick of paint

… can do wonders. Now that we’ve waved goodbye to those long, dark evenings that winter brings, the extra daylight suddenly exposes those walls, skirting boards or pieces of furniture that could really do with a refresh! Even painting everything in a crisp, clean white or pale grey will make rooms appear bigger, lighter and instantly revitalised. 

4: Flawless floors

There’s nothing like a little bit of sunshine to make you want to revamp your whole home! And if you want to really make a difference, replacing a tired old carpet, battered laminate or a ripped vinyl will transform any room. Luckily, we sell all of these floors (but you knew that anyway)!

5: Summer social butterflies

Now that we are officially in wedding and holiday season, you may find yourselves with more guests and visitors than usual. Ditch the air bed or pull-out sofas and treat your friends and family to the best night’s sleep ever with one of our stylish and comfy beds. Our Bali Hideaway bed is perfect for last-minute visitors.