How to stop your home looking bare when the Christmas decorations come down

The presents have long been opened, the last of the turkey sandwiches consumed. Somehow things seem a bit… flat.

Once Twelfth Night has passed and the decorations have come down, there always seems to be something missing in the living room.

Empty room

Whether you’re suffering from the loss of all those bright (and slightly tacky) bright baubles and tinsel, or one corner of the room just looks tragically empty, the dark days of January don’t get any brighter once the tree comes down.

We think your home should look dazzling all year round, so here are some great living room decorating ideas with tips for dressing and decorating your home in January to put back some of that lost colour and sparkle.

Pack your room with print

Once the multi-coloured lights and decorations have been put back under the stairs for another year, one of the main things that can feel like it’s missing is the vibrant mix of colours they brought.

Why not add some of that richness all year round by introducing colour and pattern as a permanent element. An easy way to do this is to put some pattern on the floor!

A striped carpet can be a wonderful way to introduce colour and visual texture, and the great thing about putting it on a large space like the floor is that a stripe is a classic, and actually becomes a neutral against which you can put almost any colour scheme.

Residence Striped Carpet

Another great interior design idea is to use patterned vinyl flooring to bring a room back to life after Christmas.

Mardi Gras 599 Sagres Patterned Vinyl Flooring

Select a mix of stripe colours that complement your existing scheme – brights for a bright or white room, more subdued browns and creams for a calmer room. And as any owner of a stripe carpet will tell you, they last for years and never go out of style.

Cut a rug to beat with January blues

Not quite ready for a whole new floor? Then add interest instead with a patterned rug in a bold print or – very current for spring/summer 2016 – a patchwork of colour squares.

Funk Rug


A rug is a wonderful design tool as it fills up visual space – great for framing a fireplace or dining area for example – without taking up too much literal space in your room. Plus, of course, you can move it around as the seasons and the needs of your room change.

A rug placed under the coffee table, in front of the sofa, will give you something cosy to sink your feet into while you finish up the last of the Quality Street, as well as creating a distinct seating zone.

Or embrace the current trend for global chic by layering up patterned rugs in exotic prints for a style that is busy and slightly decadent – just perfect for defeating drab January.

Add an organic edge with house plants

If you have a real Christmas tree – or love bringing festive foliage in from outdoors – then you’ll probably miss the smell, feel and organic appearance of your tree when it goes.

House plants

You can replace some of the wonderful textures and colours of nature in your living room by picking out accessories in bare wood – carved bowls, benches or side tables for example.

Another approach is to add something with this look to the floor. Wood effect laminates can really add some warmth and cosiness to your room, making the space feel snug in winter and cool in summer – an ideal post-Christmas design solution that will work wonderfully well all year round.

Startright Honey Oak Laminate Flooring

Whichever solution you choose, don’t be down after December, have fun exploring new interior design ideas to add colour and excitement back into your home.

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