Why stone effect vinyl is better than the real thing

Classic 999 Babylon Black Stone Effect Vinyl

Slate and stone have always been synonymous with gorgeous high end flooring.  These materials can be used to create floors with both contemporary and classic finishes that will complement pretty much any style of décor or colour scheme.  Perfect in hallways, reception areas and as kitchen or bathroom flooring, slate and stone is incredibly versatile and there’s good reason why this flooring has always been so popular.  Functional and easy to clean, stone floors are often seen in bars, restaurants and other commercial buildings as well as in homes.

But one downside is that to get the high end feel that real stone gives you can mean a high price tag.  That’s where sheet vinyl flooring comes in.  Vinyl has come a long way from the days of the thin lino flooring of yesteryear with its garish patterns.  The vinyl flooring of today is cushioned, super practical and the designs available are seemingly infinite.  There are hundreds of styles that replicate stone floors on the market.  Always wanted to make a statement with a bold dark grey slate tiled floor? There are many different designs of stone effect vinyl flooring to choose from, from large tiles to stone mosaic designs.  How about adding a touch of the Mediterranean with a cream travertine design vinyl?   It really is possible to create any look you want without having to break the bank and the finish you get is so authentic that no-one will ever be able to tell the difference!

The benefits of vinyl flooring

Of course the benefits of choosing vinyl over stone are not just financial.  Stone can be really tricky to install and will sometimes require special cutting tools just to get through the tiles.  Not so with vinyl of course!  If your measurements are right vinyl can be rolled out and installed easily by a fitter in a fraction of the time.  Plus if you are ever unlucky enough to experience problems under your flooring, it can easily be rolled back up again and reinstalled in no time, back to its former glory.


How about comfort?  Vinyl is also known as cushion flooring and that sums up how it feels under your feet. Your tootsies will thank you for choosing vinyl over stone which can be cold and a little harsh, particularly if the tile has a textured surface. It is also a great insulator of heat so will keep your rooms cosy and warm in the winter. These insulating properties will help with keeping your bills down and make it work particularly well with underfloor heating, for an extra snug feel. Anything else? Well vinyl is super practical and so easy to clean that a quick sweep and a mop and it’s as good as new.  It is water and slip resistant so makes perfect flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Plus it is bouncy which can save a lot of crockery and glassware from an untimely end smashing on a hard stone floor, which is particularly useful if you have young children.  It is super durable and will give you years of wear, even in the busiest of family homes.

The benefits of a vinyl floor go on and on and there are very few downsides. If you have been thinking that you would love to install a stone tiled floor but are worried about the cost or practicalities, check out our range of vinyl flooring, you may be very pleased you did.

Not sure which design to go for? Order some free vinyl flooring samples to try before you buy!