What do sleeping positions say about your relationship?



We thought it was fascinating that the way we sleep in a relationship can determine the proximity and our feelings towards each other. Psychologists have picked out common sleeping positions and analysed them to bring you interesting thoughts.

Don’t worry though, couples tend to change the way they sleep throughout the course of their relationship. So, if you found that you slept less intimately last night, tonight can be a whole different story!


The most common ‘foetal’ sleeping position can be seen here. This is where, usually, the man hugs the woman from the back, making it super intimate as his genitals touch the females bottom. This is a good sign of a stable and happy relationship.

Loosely Tethered

After many years in a stable relationship, the Loosely Tethered position is the favourite. This is similar to the Spoon, yet it gives more space. It shows that the intimate emotions remain but the comfort of room for sleeping is provided.


The one who usually spoons their partner turns away usually wants to be pursued. This means that they want their partner to spoon them instead, sometimes ending in a rub and a push against their bottom. This sleeping position can be seen as an invitation in many relationships.

Honeymoon Hug

This is an uncomfortable yet the most affectionate arrangement for a couple to sleep in. It shows a true devotion to one another as well as a dependency that hints at seduction.


The Shingles sleeping position is one that where a couple are comfortable with each other, suggesting a long term commitment. The female is usually the one with the head one a partner’s shoulder because they are shorter. However, sometimes it is simply the one who wants attention and focus.

Sweetheart’s Cradle

Sleeping this way is a more intimate Shingles position. It also suggest nurture and cuddling a partner as if to protect them from the troubles of being awake.

Leg Hug

This is where both individuals sleep however they want and still maintain contact through a ‘leg hug’. It expresses affection, while keeping your distance, be it because the couple have just had a fight or simply because they prefer their sleeping space.

Zen Style

This is most common in couples that prefer to sleep in their own space. So, in order to continue to show affection, their bottoms and backs usually touch. It is the position of an interdependent couple.

The Cliff Hanger

If a couple have had a fight, partners like to sleep as far away from each other as possible, so the Cliff Hanger is a sleeping position where both keep their distance. Always try to stay away from this way of sleeping; however, sometimes it may be simply because a partner snores.

The Crab

This is a rare sleeping position that can suggest two things. Firstly, that the individual that is falling sideways off the bed has trouble finding a comfortable position, sometimes suggested as a creative person. Secondly, it may be that the partners are trying to get away from each other as far as possible. This could mean an end to the relationship may be very near.

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