How to sleep through noise: 5 Top Tips

Fireworks started going off in the run-up to Bonfire Night, and they’ll likely last right through to New Year celebrations with plenty of Christmas parties in between.

We can’t begrudge our neighbours having Christmas parties or coming home late and loud in the night but we can learn how to plan our home interior better and get prepared so that we can sleep through noise and so that these things don’t disturb our slumber or make us tired and grumpy the next day. Here’s how…

How to sleep through noise

Move your headboard

Position your bed so that your headboard is aligned with the quietest wall of the room and as far away from the wall the noise is coming through as possible. This is a small change that can have a big impact on your sleep. A thick, upholstered headboard can even help to soften noise if you’re unable to move your bed to a different wall.

Rearrange your bedroom furniture

Moving your furniture around can have a huge effect on the noise levels in your bedroom. Try moving your bed as far away from the source of the noise as possible, you can even position large items of furniture like wardrobes, dressers. bookshelves and chests of drawers against the main wall that the noise is coming through. This acts as a kind of buffer to help soundproof your bedroom.

Rearrange bedroom furniture


One of the most obvious solutions is to try to block out the noise with earplugs. These should be used according to the instructions on the packet and replaced regularly to avoid the risk of infection if you’re going to be wearing them a lot.

Carpets & rugs

Using carpets and rugs in your bedroom not only adds to the sense of comfort, it can also help to keep the room warmer and muffle unwanted noise. This option is especially useful if you live in a flat with downstairs neighbours but it is also handy if your partner gets up to use the bathroom in the night as the sound of their footsteps will be lost in the soft surface.

Westend Velvet Sapphire Carpet

White noise

Adding another sound into the mix may not seem like best idea if you’re struggling to sleep, but white noise is actually one of the most effective ways of drowning out unwanted sound. It’s a kind of blank sound that remains at the same tone and pitch and is great for disguising sudden noises like shouting, slamming doors and car horns.

white noise

Putting a fan in your bedroom is a good way of creating your own white noise but it’s important to spend time finding the right volume for yourself so that this solution doesn’t just add to the problem.

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