What size bed should I buy?


When it comes to beds the size that you buy might seem like a no brainer.  There’s 2 of you so you need a double bed, right?  A single bed for each of the kids?  A small double for the spare room to leave space for all the stuff you store in there?  Well, whilst it might seem obvious, if you apply a bit of thought you can utilise the space in all of your bedrooms and still enjoy snoozing on the maximum sleeping surface available.

Your bed should be the focal point of your boudoir where you can relax, read, watch TV or snuggle with your special someone. It really isn’t something to be compromised on – whether that be on style or size.  Why squeeze onto a double divan when you can treat yourself to a sumptuous king size bed frame?

When considering purchasing a new bed think about the bedroom it is going into.  What is already in there?  Do you really need or use that large chair in the corner?  It is worth losing non-essential pieces of furniture if it means you can indulge in extra room night after night.

Single Bed

A single bed measures 3ft x 6ft 3inches and is the ideal first step for a child after a kid’s bed.  But when it comes to them needing a replacement it’s worth considering an upgrade to a double bed.  They are teens before you know it and a double gives their growing limbs plenty of room to lollop.

Double Bed

A double bed is perfect for a couple but at 4ft 6 inches by 6ft 3inches, it can still be a bit of a squeeze for two. Are you sure you can’t stretch to a king size? At 6 inches wider and 3 inches longer than a double, it won’t look too imposing but you’ll definitely feel that extra room as you snuggle down.

Royal Folded


Maybe you think you must have a double bed in your guest bedroom, but there are fabulous double guest beds that fold away to store available, so if you wanted you could even use that room for something else like a gym or office, and use the pull out bed when you have visitors.


King Size Bed

Think you can’t squeeze a king size into your bedroom? Think again. At 5ft x 6ft 6inches if you or your partner are over 6 feet tall king size beds are a must. If you are worried about losing storage space for all your things there are lots of beds with storage available.  Divan beds with drawers will hold your bits and pieces. Or ottoman beds will give you bags of room and both mean you can get rid of storage boxes, chests or other furniture from your bedroom so you won’t lose out. King size bed frames look stunning in your bedroom and many are storage beds so you really can have the best of both worlds.

Super King Size Bed

Super king size beds are the ultimate indulgence and look great in big bedrooms. But again, if your room is smaller don’t rule it out. Measuring 6ft x 6ft 6inches you and a partner can both sleep like starfish in supreme comfort. Divans with storage options are available as super kings PocketPlus2000_Steel_FullOttoman_Open_CO rand you can buy an ottoman bed in this size too so don’t let storage worries stop you buying one. Go on, spoil yourself!