Artificial Grass – how realistic is it?


There has been something of a revolution in garden design since the invention of artificial grass.  The desire to have Sundays to ourselves, free of the shackles of cutting the lawn each week is strong.  Keeping grass green and lush is another headache.  Of course all the water used with busy hoses on weekends during the summer months costs the environment dearly.  The ecologically friendly nature of artificial turf makes it even more attractive to the more green-aware amongst us.  It obviously needs no watering or fertiliser, or energy used to power a lawnmower, so its environmental credentials speak for themselves. But just how realistic is it?  Can you fool people into thinking your lazy lawn is the real McCoy?

The first examples of artificial grass were an exciting addition to the world of gardening for both private homes and commercial establishments. The colour was often a solid vivid green, and whilst it worked as a fake lawn, that’s exactly how it looked; fake. Thankfully the design and quality has come on in leaps and bounds since then.

More choice of realistic looking artificial grass

Nowadays the grass is made with tufts of differing shades.  Greens both light and dark, coupled with flecks of browns, more realistically recreate a natural lawn.  There is more choice too with different textures available and a selection of pile heights on offer.  You can permanently have the length of grass that you love on an artificial lawn which would be no mean feat with real grass using a mower.  Plus you would only have the perfect length for a short time with the real thing!


Love short grass that looks like it’s been mowed every other day? No problem.  With some artificial grass being as short as 15mm high, the look of a well maintained lawn is easy to create.  If you prefer longer grass then great – there are lots of lengths on the market now so you’re bound to find the right one.

How does fake grass feel?

So what about the feel underfoot? Fake grass is soft and natural with no harsh edges to catch your feet. Like carpet, the longer the pile the more sumptuous the feel. Some have a pile height of 42mm which really let your feet sink in and indulge in comfort.  Perfect for little ones that love to kick their shoes off and run around the garden in the summer.  Plus its design means water drains so no worries about them coming in with feet caked in mud.  Soft and luxurious, artificial grass is comfy enough to sit on and enjoy a picnic, or lay back and sunbathe.  Just like the real thing.

Claim back your sundays and invest in some artificial grass – you’ll be glad you did.