Your post-Summer detox

We’re all guilty of spending the past few summer months eating too much and failing to do any exercise outside of walking from our lounger to the pool. Well, now that the summer is coming to an end, it’s time to get everything back into shape – from our waistlines to our homes, and here’s how.

Fall in love with good health

Now that you won’t be tempted by that cheeky Cosmopolitan on the beach, it’s time to get your body back into health. Give your self the detox you need by filling up on high fibre foods, such as fruit and vegetables, while ignoring those devilish processed foods.

Don’t forget to increase your fluid intake too! You should be consuming at least eight glasses of water a day to ensure your fully hydrated.

While you’re on the health bandwagon, why not sign yourself up to your local gym? Or take part in a few exercise classes every week. Whether you fancy a bit of tennis or prefer to swing your hips in a session of Zumba; the choice is yours, just get your body moving.

Fruit and vegetable detox diet

Time to detox those finances

If you spent a little too much cash on that fancy summer holiday this year – while also spending a fortune getting that too-expensive bikini, it’s most definitely time to sort out your money.

Get in the habit of reading your bank statements carefully each month and keep track of your money and where it’s going; you probably don’t realise how much you’re actually spending!

If you’re having trouble budgeting, get yourself a notebook and write everything down that you spend in a month. You’ll be amazed by how much you spend, and how much this will help you save.

Glass money jar with spilling Euro cent coins

Give your home a makeover

Now that you’ve got your body and your bank account back in order, it only seems right that your home gets a bit of TLC too!

If you fancy only making a few small tweaks to your home, then why not bring in some plants and place them throughout your living space – this is the perfect way to bring a little of the outside in. Alternatively, add some lights to your room, bag yourself a large lamp and create the perfect dramatic lighting that’s sure to bring your home to life.

However, if you want to completely revamp your home, try a lick of paint to brighten the room up; go magnolia if you have some bright furnishings to liven the place up. Or why not go really bold and add a brightly coloured carpet to your living room, simply team it with neutral coloured pieces of furniture to ensure your living space remains classy with a contemporary edge.


If you’re keen to ensure your home looks a little more seasonal, with summer coming to an end, simply place a few thick, soft throws on your sofa and chairs for extra comfort and warmth. You could go tartan with these or opt for neutral browns and beiges.

Now that you have transformed your health, finances and home, you can look forward to the rest of this very successful year.

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