Pet friendly flooring

Kids and pets: the two best yet most detrimental additions to your home. Both can cause damage to just about everything and so it’s important to ensure you have at least the right flooring in place. One that is safe, reliable and able to withstand high traffic and everyday spillages.

To help you find the perfect flooring for your busy family home, here is a guide on the best flooring solutions ideal for homes with pets currently available.

Choose resilience with vinyl flooring

There is no doubt that vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for family homes with dogs and cats as it’s resilient, hard wearing and looks fantastic! You can also opt for an extra thick vinyl for maximum comfort and reliability, meaning scratches and tears from claws will be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, you can also guarantee water resistance, so you won’t have any problems cleaning up after your pets and your children. With this in mind, this flooring solution makes hoovering up cat and dog hairs – which let’s face it, get just about everywhere – fast and simple. With this enhanced cleaning capability, you can ensure your home is safe, healthy and hygienic for your family and your animals.

However, it isn’t all function with vinyl flooring. Vinyl has a knack of feeling soft underfoot and maintaining heat insulation, which is just perfect during the cold winter months when you want to save cash on the energy bills.


Choose hardiness with laminate flooring

Due to the hardiness of laminate flooring, many pet owners tend to turn towards this solution instead of traditional wood flooring. While traditional wood flooring looks great, it’s not always suitable for cats and dogs as they’re likely to slip and slide as they walk through your home. Whereas, laminate flooring comes in many styles and textures, meaning families can choose not only the design they like the most but also the feel, ensuring their home is as safe and comfortable as possible for their beloved pets.

Laminate also doesn’t show any marks or scratches, which is perfect for busy families who want their perfect home without all the upkeep.

However, it is recommended that rugs are placed throughout your living space for pets to lay and relax on for additional comfort.


Keep your flooring in tip top condition

While the type of flooring you decide to install will make a dramatic impact to not only your home but how your flooring responds to your pet, there are also a few other things you can do to ensure your vinyl and laminate remains looking fantastic.

First thing’s first; always trim your pets nails. This is the most common cause for scratches and tears in flooring. By keeping these nails clipped you can also ensure your little four legged friend doesn’t scratch you too!

Always keep your pets water in an easy-to-clean room. For example if you have carpet in your living room, it’s recommended you place the water in your kitchen where you have vinyl or laminate. This is largely because vinyl and laminate flooring is water resistant and simple to clean.


It’s also worth placing a walk-in matt by the front and back door of your home as this is where your pets are most likely to bring in the mess from the outside.

Now that you’ve established exactly what flooring will suit your family home, you can enjoy a fuss-free life with your beloved children and pets.

Not sure which flooring you would prefer in your home? Order free samples today to make your mind up!