What parents should consider before buying a children’s bed

Decorating a kids bedroom can be a really fun to do with your son or daughter – and at some point this is likely to include choosing a suitable bed that captures both their imagination as well as ticks a few boxes in terms of practicality, comfort and safety.

From design options to plain old logistics, here are a few things you should consider before buying a new children’s bed.

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No matter what design you’re looking for, you should always consider a few things before plunging head first into the world of children’s bed frames. First, think of the age of your child. If you are looking at a bed for a young toddler then you need to find something that will ease their transition from the cot and be safe and comfortable – which usually means low-lying frames.

For older children, you may want to consider a bed frame that will last them through their teenage years – opting for a classic wooden or metal bed frame and dressing with age-appropriate bed linen instead.

Another versatile option here would be selecting a cabin bed or sleeper. These typically feature a raised mattress with integrated storage or play areas found underneath. If you opt for a cabin bed with storage and key pieces of furniture – like a desk – then it can last your children from infancy right through their school years with the storage areas holding everything from toys to school books as they age.


Shopping for a mattress can be a fun task especially when you go and try them out in store. It is generally regarded that you should look for a mattress that is two to four feet longer than the height of your child as you’ll want to avoid having to replace the entire bed each time your child grows a few more inches!

Another option to bear in mind is whether you want the bed frame to have a headboard or footend. Whatever your choice, it’s important to make sure there is enough room for sufficient pillows and that your child has enough room at the end of the bed to fit their feet on comfortably. After all, you don’t want your child’s feet hanging off the end of the bed 6 months after you’ve bought it!


Especially with young children, safety should be one of your first concerns when buying a bed. You are going to want to consider the height of a bed here as frames that are set high off the ground can cause potential issues with particularly wriggly or curious toddlers.

If you find yourself with a bunk bed then ensure there are rails to lower and prevent risk of falling and injury. To eliminate risk as much as possible, it’s wise to stick to beds that lie close to the floor and this is where guest beds like the Juliette Frame could come in handy.

With these beds, you get a standard single bed with a pull out single that slides from underneath the main bed frame. Not only does this provide a great place for friends or family during  sleepovers but it means you can start your toddler off in the guest bed found closer to the ground before upgrading them to the main mattress when they’re ready.



Juliette Frame


Naturally, you want your child to be happy with your bed purchase and exciting bed frames that could potentially match the theme of a room will encourage you kids to take pride in their room and produce an early incentive to take care of their space.

Themed beds vary in price and availability, but can be fun in the short-term. You may want to think of the future instead as you may find your kids grow out of these themes quicker than you’d expected.

One option instead could be purchasing a bed frame and dressing it with age-appropriate bedding you could offer your little one the best of both worlds.

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