Wow, it’s June! That means we give you full permission to officially ditch your tights, boots and wool cardigans to the back of your wardrobe and replace them with your toe-less wedges, cropped jeans and floral print dresses.

The build up to this summer seems to have been in long anticipation this year, however, it’s finally here and at Carpetright we are feeling particularly excited about the month of June and all it has to offer.

From Ascot, to London Collections, to Glastonbury and some fantastic summer movie releases, June is full to the brim of fun, and we will be bringing you updates and coverage on each topic. Plus, we have some cool ideas for preparing your home interior for summer and getting your home energy-efficient ready for the warmer weather.

Teamed with our regular columns on handy-floorcare tips and sleep advice, we will guide you through to month of June, and keep you plentifully entertained at the same time. Enjoy!

Find all of the handy tips in our inspiration and advice section!