Latest trends


What’s hot and what’s not in the world of interior styling?  We love to keep you up to speed on the latest trends in home design and help you to achieve them.  Here’s a look at what’s currently hot in home styling….

Greenery Trend

Green is the colour for 2017.  This trend is all about getting back to nature; think fresh greens, creams and beiges teamed with natural textures like wood and bamboo.  Real plants complement botanical or bird themed wallpaper and furniture is mismatched, chunky and neutral in colour.  Textured carpets in beige or grey will give you the neutral base you need for this style, or laminate flooring in wood is a perfect flooring solution.  Throw a complementary rug down to bring the look together.

Heavenly Saxony carpet in Galliant Grey

Modern Artisan trend

Make disposable culture a thing of the past with the Modern Artisan trend.  Reusing, recycling and upcycling is what this new concept is all about; making the most of the hand-woven fabrics  and hand-crafted accessories of bygone days. Earthy colours like browns and creams accented with navy, black and cream create the perfect backdrop.  Furniture is vintage and upcycled – each piece with its own history and story to tell.  Conversation starters to invest in for years of use to pass down for future generations to enjoy. Flooring comes in rustic engineered wood or laminate flooring and carpets hand-woven from natural fibres. Redefine your idea of luxury with this timeless style.  Visit antique stores and flea markets and start your artisan life.

Kahrs Oak Chevron engineered wood in Light Grey

New Earthy trend

Bring some calm into your life with the relaxing tones of this season’s earthy trend.  Take colours from the terracotta palette and inject warmth and tranquillity.  Walls are decorated in cinnamon, rust or toasted oatmeal, or combinations of them all using clever painting techniques.  Oversized sofas, huge bean bags and rattan chairs with comfy cushions dominate the space. Accessories in deep reds and cream in natural materials like glass and clay add to the homely vibe.  For the floors it can only be carpet for that warm and cosy feel.  Choose a neutral or complementary shade with a soft feel and a pile to sink your toes into.  Get down to earth and make your house your home.

Kosset Major Twist carpet in Marrakesh

Spicy Mustard Trend

Mustard has made many comebacks over the years and was particularly popular in the 60s and 70s.  Bold patterns and floral designs were all the rage back then but this new spicy mustard trend gives a contemporary twist to this retro look.  Use minimally with a neutral scheme to add a bit of zing and team with a mustard carpet to complete the look.  Alternatively, make a statement with solid blocks of this muted colour on the walls to warm your living spaces, and complete with an oak effect laminate floor or wood effect vinyl flooring for the perfect neutral base.  Accessorise with navy blues, browns and greys that complement beautifully and work equally as well in a modern room as in a retro styled space.  Find your favourite way to use this modern day mustard and bring some spice into your life.

Goliath Authentic Beige vinyl flooring

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