Last minute Christmas guests and where to put them

 Family delivering presents at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you are ready.  Pat yourself on the back for being super organised!  Your decorations are up, the tree has been decorated to a magnificent standard, the turkey is ordered – you are all set.  Phew!  Then comes the phone call that throws you into a panic!  The dreaded relatives have invited themselves to stay!  Luckily you have enough food to feed an army but where are they all going to sleep?  Maybe you have a spare room that can accommodate Auntie and Uncle but you have nowhere to put the rest of them!  Fear not, there is no need to go overboard re-decorating other rooms or worrying about where you can fit more beds as there are some fabulous solutions available for guest beds, to solve this very problem.

Fold away guest bed

Gone are the days of offering your guests uncomfortable camp beds that can only really fit a single person who must sleep in a one fixed position all night for fear of falling out!  Today’s versions are usually sturdy metal bed frames with super comfy mattresses that look stylish and fold away beautifully for easy storage.  Plus they are available as singles and double beds too.

Jay be folding s

Hideaway bed

If you needs something a bit more permanent, then a great idea is a hideaway bed. These space saving beds are perfect for a kid’s room or a spare room as they comprise of a single bed with a pull out bed underneath.  Simply pull the bed frame out from beneath if you need another bed on a temporary basis.  These make perfect children’s beds as they are ideal for sleepovers and of course the perfect solution for those unexpected visitors.

Darcy Wooden Guest Bed - Open Visual S

Sofa bed

If you decide that you could do with a new sofa for a spare bedroom or den, maybe you could kill two birds with one stone and invest in a sofa bed.  For example, these days, lots of people choose to add a sofa to kitchen diners so guests can sit comfortably while a meal is prepared.  Or furnish a family room with a comfy sofa and watch it become the focal point of a home. How about putting a sofa in a kid’s room for them to sit and play computer games or hang out with friends? Whatever your situation, upgrade this couch to a sofa bed and not only do you have place to sit, you immediately have more sleeping space for visitors who want to stay over.

Sofa Bed Dressed