Laminate flooring for the kitchen

The kitchen is usually the heart of anyone’s home.  It’s where we cook, it’s often where families congregate to eat together and of course, all house parties end up there!  So, we should be able to get the look we want in the kitchen including the flooring we love, right?

Traditionally, with the kitchen being a room that is subject to spillages, the flooring in kitchens gets cleaned and mopped more often than in other rooms.  For this reason vinyl flooring is a great choice as it is water resistant and super practical.  But what if you just love laminate flooring?  Over the years, laminate has not always been the first choice as flooring for kitchens as it was known to not be happy around water.  Eventually the top layer would peel and the floor would look scruffy and feel unstable underfoot.  But developments in the production processes in recent years have meant that there is now a selection of laminate for wet areas like bathrooms, and even more choice of kitchen laminate flooring available so you can have the kitchen you want after all.

Waterproof laminate flooring has still not been invented but now there is some that is splash proof and able to deal with what most families throw at their kitchen floor on a daily basis:



If you love the look of traditional wood this varnished wood laminate floor will complete your kitchen perfectly giving you a neutral base to work around.  This means you have pretty much free reign in your kitchen design and colour scheme so you can change your kitchen around it and it will always look fabulous.






For a funky and fresh feel this white laminate flooring will give your kitchen a contemporary finish that will go with anything.  This floor will give your kitchen a base that will complement any colourway, light or dark, so will see you through decor changes and new kitchens.





If travertine or stone is more your thing, but you want the warmth and comfort for your toes that laminate brings, then look no further than this ceramic tile effect laminate flooring; so realistic and stylish!



Black slate tiles are very popular in kitchens but you can install this laminate for a fraction of the price and half the hassle.  Plus you won’t be walking on cold slate on a winter’s morning!





Laminate flooring for kitchens is available in a range of wood effects and colours as well as various tile designs so don’t rule it out because of an outdated idea that laminate and kitchens don’t mix – some do!  You don’t have to compromise on the flooring you want.