Kids bedroom ideas

A child’s bedroom is their haven. A place to sleep, read, play and have imaginative adventures. At some stage in every child’s life, one thing that is almost guaranteed is that they will want to change their personal space into a theme that reflects their personality or favourite film. The transformation could take the form of a new custom bed, themed furniture, bedding or a feature wall. But whatever the theme in a kid’s room, one change that always makes a significant difference is new flooring.

Below we give our thoughts and advice on four very popular children’s bedroom themes, and how to choose the perfect flooring to compliment each one.

Princess Themed Bedroom

As parents, it is important we support our child’s imagination. When we talk about creating a princess themed bedroom, we have to think like a little princess and the expressions magical, dream-like and make-believe come to mind. In order to create your little girl’s dream fairy-tale bedroom you will need to incorporate a host of princess-inspired colours such as pinks, purples and silvers.

Girls princess bedroom ideas

When thinking about flooring in the room, how about a pastel pink carpet with a complimentary bold striped rug? Or you could go for a brighter base option with a fuchsia pink carpet paired with a paler pink shaggy rug for a lovely textured, tonal effect.

Minion Themed Bedroom

The fun loving Minions are all about the colours yellow and blue with a sprinkling of black. These very striking and bold colours work well in a child’s bedroom and can be used to make up the bedding, wallpaper, pillows, lamps and curtains.

When you throw the characters into the mix, with Minion toys and accessories, the room can suddenly start to look very busy, so we would recommend choosing a neutral coloured carpet or wood-effect laminate flooring to create a sense of calm against the boldness.

Minion themed bedroom idea

If you have been able to be more subtle with the fixtures and furniture, then introducing a pastel yellow carpet could also be a nice option to pair with this theme.

Frozen Themed Bedroom

The Frozen bedroom theme centres around the colours white and pale blue with accessories such as snowflakes and waves bringing it to life. In order to add further depth to the theme in the bedroom, you can use stencils or wall art of your child’s favourite character, or why not install some white floating shelves for books, cut outs and toys from the film?

This Disney-inspired bedroom theme is best complemented with a silver grey or pastel blue carpet to accentuate the wintry magic of the movie.

Star Wars Themed Bedroom

This action packed theme is perfect for any boy’s bedroom, regardless of their age. Of course the all-important spaceships and lightsabers should take centre stage, and the perfect colour palette for this theme is varying shades of greys and metallics, coupled with bright neons.

Star Wars themed bedroom

Why not stencil your child’s favourite quote from the films, such as “May the force be with you”, onto the wall above their bed? Or alternatively you could continue the theme and go hi-tech with projected images scrolling across the ceiling so it’s the last thing they see before they drift off to sci-fi inspired sleep.

Flooring-wise, grey vinyl would blend in well, and also offer practicality for those times when your kids are re-enacting the fight scenes from the movie!

Still unsure which flooring would best suit your children’s bedroom? Order free samples today to pick the perfect one before committing to buy!