Interiors Inspired by China

The festive season can get a little crazy sometimes; the back-to-back parties, family gatherings and celebrations (as fun as they are at the time) can ultimately leave you feeling a little worn out!

We thought we’d take it back to basics and start the New Year in style, taking a peek at to how give your home a taste of true tranquility and peace through some Chinese inspired styles.

Oriental interiors can help you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by combining tradition with splashes of exotic colour to provide you with one of the serenest abodes around.

Bedroom interior inspired by Chinese style

A mixture of interior design styles

A lot of Chinese themes originate from an accumulation of several different styles. It’s important to know which look you’re going for before you start and not to get pulled in different directions during the process.

If you’re wanting to create a space which brings you a classic Chinese feel, stick with the imperial reds and beautiful golds of traditional Chinese décor.

Fancy something with a little less colour? Try cooler tones for the walls and team with braver accessories, adding Chinese Bamboo or Bonsai plants to bring some Zen to the room.

Quattro 8 Abbey Oak Laminate Flooring

Colour schemes

The Chinese style is simple yet vibrant, filled with both colour and patterns. Typically in Chinese interiors you’ll find primary colours such as rich reds and strong blacks standing side-by-side with bright blues and luscious yellows.

For your home, consider painting with these rich colours or using an oriental inspired wallpaper featuring delicate flowers or birds. If your home is small, try a neutral colour and add the oriental feel with key pieces of furniture, cushions, plants, rugs and vases.

Earth's Core Textured Carpet

Simple interior design ideas

Keep it simple by adding sleek and modern pieces of furniture in white, black and other basic colours. If you decide to go a bit out there with an arty piece of Chinese furniture, don’t let it overwhelm the overall look of the room – sometimes less is more.

Add wood effect laminate flooring for a seamless finish and subtly place accessories such as ornaments and vases in stone, blacks and golds to add a Chinese element whilst keeping it modest and minimalist.

Interior design inspired by China

Balanced decor

While trying to achieve a Chinese style, it is important to remember that to accomplish the calming and tranquil feel within your home, balance is always key.

There needs to be just the right amount of colour, patterns and textures to provide you with a space that is both peaceful and unique.

Think outside the box and add organic fashion in the form of bamboo blinds, geometric room partitions and bold statement rugs.

When it comes to lighting, depending on which look you’re going for, you can always play around with a variety amber tones to warm up your home.

Alternatively if you’ve got natural light, make the most of it by avoiding blocking the windows with furniture, opt for translucent shades and use mirrors to your advantage by placing them adjacent to windows to really optimize the light streaming in.

Living room with wood flooring

With Chinese New Year just around the corner (8th February) now would be a perfect time to start the afresh, find your Zen and create a beautiful space you can call your home.

If the style of China isn’t for you, take a look at last month’s article, and be Inspired by Scandinavia instead!

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