Instant changes – how a new floor can transform your room

_0359_mardi gras striped vinyl

You know some of your living spaces are looking a bit tired but they don’t need a full renovation – maybe you have recently painted the walls or bought some new furniture.  It could be that you’ve changed the kitchen cabinets quite recently and it just needs that something extra.  But what?

Well, one change that makes a huge impact on any room is the flooring.  We all know how much better your home looks after mopping your floors or running the vacuum cleaner round; a clean floor makes all the difference, so the effect that brand new flooring has on a room is enormous. A new carpet has the ability to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness, a brightly coloured vinyl can introduce drama or new wood flooring can add a classic finish. So it pays to think long and hard about what you’d like to replace your current flooring with.  The easiest way of course is to go for something similar or exactly the same, so your room looks fresh and clean but no different design- wise.  However, this is your chance to completely transform your room in one fell swoop so why not make a change?

If you have a carpet that’s been down for a number of years and has seen better days maybe it’s time to change to something completely different. Wood effect laminate flooring looks stunning and is surprisingly warm underfoot.  The effect is that of a timeless classic wooden floor but add a bright rug that complements your décor and your room will pop with colour.

How about vinyl flooring?  This incredibly practical and easy to fit flooring comes in a seemingly infinite number of pattern, designs and shades and can create just about any look you could want.  Always wanted a slate or ceramic tiled floor but don’t want the hassle of fitting and upkeep? There is a vinyl for you that will give you the look and feel you’re after.  Fancy being brave and installing a bright red floor? You’ll find a vinyl to suit and the best thing is, it’s so inexpensive that you can change the look of your room again after a couple of years without breaking the bank.  Vinyl really has the ability to totally change your home and its splash and slip resistance makes it the perfect bathroom flooring, but don’t rule it out for use elsewhere in your home.  It’s already warm on your toes but works great with underfloor heating if you want some extra cosiness. It’s also known as cushion flooring with good reason as it’s really comfortable to walk and sit on and this coupled with its easy maintenance makes it perfect for a kid’s bedroom or playroom.  Let your little ones sit in comfort playing or reading and if they spill that drink – no worries!  Just mop it up!

If you are looking for a touch of opulence, depending on budget, you could totally transform your room with luxury vinyl tiles.  These tiles offer high end luxury but being vinyl are still incredibly easy to maintain.  The styles available again seem limitless with wood, metal and ceramic tiled designs and the finish achieved is incredibly realistic.  Simply replacing your current flooring to vinyl tiles will transform your living space into something really special.

So if you’re thinking of livening up your living spaces take the plunge.  Maybe you have a tiled floor that’s hard and cold to walk on and you want to change to something more comfy like carpet. Or maybe you currently have carpet in your dining room and are fed up with cleaning up after toddler spills (or messy grown-ups) so would prefer practical laminate flooring.  Whatever your need, changing your flooring will be like a breath of fresh air giving your home an instant refresh and in some cases the feel of a total make-over, just by making that one alteration.

So go on, make the change, check out our ranges and transform your home.