Inspired by Lapland

Yes, the traditional home of Father Christmas might not seem the most obvious place to go for style inspiration, but as winter draws in the simple, cosy style of this Scandinavian region is in fact a perfect place to seek Christmas decorating ideas.

Lapland is the largest and most northern part of Finland, and Lapland style is a rich mix of natural materials and the elegant, design-conscious style that we know as Scandi-chic.

Reindeer in lapland

White interior design trends

The obvious place to start with a Lapland-inspired scheme is with white, but this look is far from polished or clinical. Bleached wood boards for flooring both maximise light while adding a softness to a room – try a laminate flooring in a design that mimics white oak boards for just the right look.

White walls are also a must, and if you want to reference the traditional style of Scandi homes then painted wood cladding or wallpaper that echoes the natural grain of wood is a perfect touch.

Quattro 8 Loft White Laminate Flooring

Despite all the white, warmth and comfort are key to this style of space, so if you’re lucky enough to have a wood burner then this makes a great cosy focal point. Frame any fireplace with a cosy rug in a deep pile (in white of course) – for any home in a cold climate this is the most important feature of the room, so make the most of it!

Folk feel interior design inspiration

Once you’ve created an organic white backdrop, there are two ways to interpret Lapland style this season.

The first is to add details that reference the folk tradition of the area, with simple carved shapes like stars and hearts used as decoration, in a Christmas-ready colour palette of rich red and green.

Simple furniture in white-painted wood – think a bench rather than dining room chairs and a traditional rocker by the fire rather than a modern recliner – will have the right kind of feel, and can easily be accessorised with red cushions and cosy faux-fur throws.

Christmas lantern

Add warming mood lighting with traditional red wood candle holders or storm lanterns with tea lights, and add a centre piece with an item of folk art – antlers are perfect, but a folksy wreath in natural green is also a great seasonal focal-point that will sit well the the crafty, homemade feel of this look.

Festive minimal interior design ideas

The craftsmanship and beautiful natural materials of Scandinavia aren’t only represented with traditional furnishings however.

The biggest influence on our own home styles of the last decade has to be Scandi chic – the clean, minimal style that puts beautifully designed, simple shapes and high quality materials at the forefront.

The clean lines of mid-century modernism look wonderful in a pared-back, white wood interior because that is exactly what Scandi-chic was designed for.

Add a more contemporary twist by using modern materials – a white vinyl flooring with honeycomb detailing for example – on the floor and keeping walls plain white.

Mardi Gras 01 Dots Mosaic Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring

Look out for classic Norwegian design like the range at Norm Copenhagen, where simple shapes and natural materials combine for a very fresh, modern look.

Although this is a classic modern style that looks great all year round, it’s also very easy to style up for Christmas, either with more traditional red and green decorations from the Folk trend above, or with more modern additions like strings of white lights and accents in glittering metal for lamps, bowls and candle holders.

If the Scandi-chic look doesn’t inspire you, take a look at last month’s feature for a taste of Australian interior style.

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