Inspired by: Danish hygge

What is Danish hygge?

Although it doesn’t have an exact English translation, the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) can best be described as meaning ‘cosiness’. This can apply not only to the home and interior styling, but also to general day-to-day living; that warm feeling you get when you’ve spent quality time with loved ones, sitting by the fire watching a movie

In essence, hygge means enjoying the simple, but great things in life with friends and family. The word perhaps even helps in explaining why the Danes are supposedly the happiest people in the world.

What is Danish hygge?

There are many simple ways in which to achieve the effect of hygge in your life, so let’s begin with your home interior as a good starting point…

Let there be light

The health and psychological benefits of natural sunlight are well-researched and proven, therefore it is important to let as much light into your living space as possible. The best news is that it is one of the few things in life that are free, so stock up on it whenever possible.

Let in the light

Getting rid of heavy curtains and thick blinds would be a good start. These can be replaced with airy venetian blinds or light cotton curtains, and be sure to stick to plain, light colours in order to minimise darkness. Hanging mirrors perpendicular to windows is also a great trick so that the light coming in bounces throughout the room instead of filtering straight back out where it came from.

Candles are also always plentiful in Danish homes, especially on evenings when the sun goes down early, so be sure to invest in a selection for the most popular rooms in your home, to help achieve that cosy atmosphere. Candles at dinnertime can add a special atmosphere to the table, and candles in the bedroom can help to promote relaxation as well as a little romance!

Bringing the outdoors inside

Incorporating flowers and plants into your home is another affordable way to create a sense of hygge. In kitchens, conservatories and lounges, plants and flowers can add a splash of colour, as well as having the natural ability to lift people’s spirits just by looking at them.

Using furniture and soft furnishings incorporating natural materials such as bamboo, wicker and wood can also help bridge the gap between the outside and inside and help to achieve an organic and rustic atmosphere, which is favoured in many luxury boutique hotels across the country.

Use layering and lots of texture

When it comes to creating a natural cosiness in your home, adding texture and layering can be very effective. In the bedroom, sumptuous bedding and feather-filled pillows combined with velvet throws and patterned cushions can bring an inviting and comforting feel.

In the lounge you can achieve the look by draping faux-fur throws over sofas, layering shaggy rugs over deep-pile wool carpets and hanging up plenty of photo canvases, artwork or collages to the walls, injecting your family’s personality and character.

Leeds textured loop carpet

Tall bookshelves full of colourful books can add to the interior ambience, as well as newspaper racks full of your favourite magazines and coffee tables featuring geo print coasters – ready for the drinks of visiting family and friends.

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