Get ready for Easter!



Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to spruce up your home; just in time for Easter! 

Step one – the spring clean

It’s time to dig out those feather dusters and rubber gloves – the lighter evenings and warmer weather has us throwing the windows open and taking a good look at our homes. It’s time to be ruthless – if you haven’t used or worn it in the last six months, recycle it or donate it to a charity shop. Once you’ve had a good clear out you can then give everything a thorough and deep clean – trust us, you’ll feel great afterwards!


Step two – look at your flooring

Given the walls a fresh lick of paint? Sometimes it’s not enough. When was the last time you updated your flooring? Whether your budget allows for a complete refresh or perhaps you’re just looking at a new rug, either way flooring really does make an impact.


Step three – pick a colour scheme

Lighter floors really open up a space and can help to make a room appear larger than it really is. LVT and vinyl flooring are great for bathrooms and kitchens, laminate is a low-maintenance option for busy family rooms and of course, you can’t go wrong with a super soft carpet in your bedroom. Greys and beiges are proving to be popular right now, but we’re always partial to a bit of colour here at Carpetright!



Step four – accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

New throws, new cushions or lamps are all quick and easy ways to rejuvenate rooms, but don’t forget about rugs – an easy and relatively budget-friendly option, you can transform any room almost immediately simply by adding this on-trend accessory.


Step five – make your own Easter decorations

We couldn’t not mention this option! Whether you paint eggs as a family, decorate an Easter tree or create pastel-coloured bunting, there’s certainly more to Easter than just chocolate eggs!



Step six – Bring spring inside

We’re finally starting to see the appearance of daffodils and tulips in our gardens – and now we want to see them in our homes, too! Beautifully bright, add these colourful blooms to your home for an extra special décor touch. And while we’re on a botanical subject, now is also a perfect time to spruce up your garden.  Have you thought about artificial grass? The perfect alternative to an unruly lawn, fake grass looks fabulous all year round and lets you ditch the mower and claim back your Sundays!