Get ready for autumn!

Top tips on getting your house ready for the new season!

Have you noticed the changes yet? The mornings and evenings are getting darker, there’s a crispness in the air and the leaves are starting to turn an inviting hue of red and orange. And as beautiful as autumn is, it’s also crucial that we get our houses ready for the new season!

1: Check doors and windows

Tegola Elite LVT in Columbian Pine and Natural Jute Rug

No one wants a pesky leak or draft coming through, especially when there’s a chill in the air. Either check yourself or get an expert in to make sure your home is well insulated and prepared for the months ahead.

2: Inspect the roof and gutters

Take a close look at your roof to see if there are any damaged tiles, cracks or leaves and debris. It’s better to fix any problems now, as the cold weather can cause further cracks – clearing gutters is also crucial at this time – no one wants a leaf blockage!

3: Trim those trees

That beautiful heatwave we had probably encouraged your trees, shrubs and bushes to flourish – which is all well and good during the summer but can cause a right headache during the winter months. Check them all – and if necessary give them all a good trim! They could be getting too close to your roof or any power lines.

4: No more al fresco dining

It’s time to say goodbye to any outdoor garden furniture you have. Make sure you give all of it a proper clean before covering it up and storing it for winter – if possible, keep it in a dry place such as a garage or a shed.

5: Cut that lawn!

Speaking of gardens, now is an ideal time to give your grass a good cut before the inevitable rain arrives. It’s near on impossible to cut wet grass, so try to get it done before your garden turns into a jungle!

6: Spring clean for autumn

Spring isn’t the only time that’s perfect for a good sort out and deep clean! You’ll probably be spending more time inside over the next few months, so make sure your home is ready to get cosy in! Give the skirting boards a wipe down, get rid of any cobwebs and clear out all your cupboards.

7: Clean the fireplace

Boston Stripe carpet in Lavender

We love lighting a fire during those dark and cold nights. Make sure you’ve given yours a good clean before you start using it. Line the fireplace with newspaper and remove all loose ashes and dust and give everything a thorough clean. A boring task, but a necessary one! 

8: Light a candle

Fill your home with your favourite scents and create a cosy setting – whether you go for chunky pillar candles, dainty tea lights, or even non-scented candles, the flickering lights will make you feel all warm inside!

9: Throw down a rug

Balterio Laminate in Xpressions Blocks and Villa Geo Multi Rug

Wooden or hard flooring looks beautiful, it’s true, and is perfect for the summer months. But keep your feet warm and create a warmer ambience in your room by adding a stylish rug – it’s an instant update for your room and will be warmer! Incorporating other textures such as extra cushions and throws will also not only keep you warm, but will make the room feel snug, too.

10: A fresh lick of paint

Embrace the evenings in! You’ll want to love the space you’re in, so that could mean giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, putting up some new wallpaper or ordering a new floor. A new season could certainly call for a whole new look…


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