Get cosy!

Read our top tips on making your house feel cosy

There’s no point denying it; we are heading into winter. Farewell long balmy days, goodbye lighter evenings, au revoir to sunshine and hello to darker mornings, cold, crisp air and (let’s be honest here) rain. But we’re all about turning a negative into a positive here and so we’ve decided to get excited about the winter months, starting with finding ways to make our homes feel cosy. Interested? Read on!

Light those fires

Boston Stripe carpet in Lavender

For those of you lucky enough to have a working fire, make sure you light it! It’s not only the instant warmth that will cheer you up, but the soothing sounds of the crackling fire and the sight of the mesmerising flames will have you feeling ready to snuggle down and spend the night at home. Top tip: get a chimney sweep in to clean your chimney, smoke ducts, flue pipes and fireplace first, especially if it’s been a while since you lit it!

Invest in a new carpet

Sundae Soft Saxony Carpet in Plum

You just can’t beat the sensation of your toes sinking into a sumptuously soft carpet, especially when

you get out of bed and your feet land on a luxuriously soft Saxony carpet. Not only do carpets make a room feel warmer, but they also provide comfort and style to any room. Trust us, you won’t regret this decision!

Add textures

Silentnight Lily Divan bed with Primrose headboard in Slate

The smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences – example; simply adding a throw to the end of your bed not only makes your bed look cosier and extra inviting, but it will also help your feet warmer during the cold winter nights! And while we’re on the subject, incorporate rugs, cushions and blankets around the home wherever you can – the more different the textures, the better.

Embrace the darkness

Champagne carpet in Denim

It may seem backwards to paint your rooms in darker hues during the darker months but hear us out. Darker walls really create a feeling of warmth and cosiness, especially in smaller rooms. Finish the look with plenty of scented candles and, if possible, a roaring fire – and don’t be afraid to paint your walls darker even if you do have a darker carpet.

Add a rug

Stylish hard flooring is all well and good during those warm summer months, but what about when the temperature drops? Our fool-proof solution? Add in a rug! Whether you go for a simple and understated design or something bold and patterned, a rug adds cosy zones to a room and will help to keep heat in. Winners all around!

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