Funk up your home with a modern rug


Valley Indigo Rug.jpg rSometimes it’s the small things that have the biggest impact on our lives whether it’s about yourself or your living space.  Cutting out chocolate or reducing your alcohol intake can make you feel really well, or buying some new cushions and replacing the door handles in your home can make the space look very different.  These are not particularly radical changes, but they can have a surprisingly positive effect.

If you’ve been looking at your home thinking there’s just something missing maybe in your lounge or dining room, or perhaps your bedroom is lacking a certain something, don’t rush out and buy paint samples just yet.  Maybe you just need to make a small change – or addition – to the room to bring it back to life.

Accessories always work well to bring out otherwise unnoticed design features in a room but none have quite the effect that a rug does.

The addition of a rug to your existing décor is one of the easiest and simplest ways to instantly update a space.  It can have a dramatic effect, inject a splash of colour or maybe just add an extra layer of comfort.  Modern rugs in particular will really catch the eye. Sometimes a bright colour or a statement pattern, a modern rug will instantly become the focal point in a room where a traditional rug  is more likely to blend in with its surroundings.

duck egg oasis

Contemporary rugs come in many shapes, sizes and designs so you can be as bold as you want.  Choose a colour that features, even subtly, in the room and instantly that colour will pop!  Add some other accessories in the same hue and your room will look as though it has had a complete makeover with minimal effort and cost.

Similarly, if your room has a strong colour theme, a neutral rug can be just as effective in adding tone and texture and modern rugs come in neutral shades too,Baked sand r

Of course, rugs add not only style but comfort as well.  So if you have a cold tiled floor, add a rug and instantly inject some warmth and maybe somewhere for the kids to sit and play or use their imaginations.  It may be a home accessory to you but to them it soon becomes a desert island in shark infested waters where daily adventures take place!

A wooden floor looks gorgeous with a large rug and a modern rug looks particularly striking against wood.

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and textures; large rugs, round rugs, square rugs, wool rugs and shaggy rugs, plus they are available in an array of colours.  A rug can complement any room adding a homely feel to even the most minimalist styling or creating a cosy oasis on a stone floor.

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