Flooring suitable for dogs

Sometimes, homeowners need to think about not only accommodating themselves but also their pets!

With pet friendly flooring you can be sure that your new purchase does not go to waste and is not damaged after a short period of time. Carpetright would therefore recommend vinyl flooring for homes with dogs.

Dog eating shoe Goliath Granite Carbon



Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring types available; however it is also one of the most resilient too. It is super easy to clean as well as maintain and therefore no hassle to keep it looking great year after year, even with messy pets.

Furthermore, vinyl is scratch resistant, making it ideal for dog nails, big and small pets alike. Then, if you are also concerned about dents and stains, well…don’t be because the extra durable wear layer on vinyl will be sure to keep the vinyl design and flooring protected.


Pets often have accidents, especially puppies that are at the beginning of dog training, but with waterproof flooring it is easy to clean what sometimes cannot be helped. Simply use vinyl flooring that would leave no smell after it is cleaned and wiped away immediately and therefore all accidents are sure to go unnoticed.

Even everyday spillages will not ruin the vinyl flooring. So if your dog loves jumping into every puddle possible this flooring is sure to withstand its moisture.

It also comes in an array of colours, patterns and designs. So, whatever you taste in interiors, you can choose vinyl that looks like the real thing and will continue to do so with its wear layer. For example Carpetright have wood effect vinyl flooring available or even tile, stone and mosaic designs, which is protected with a PVC top layer.

How do I keep vinyl clean when I have pets?

We suggest some general tips to keeping your home clean when you have a dog.

Firstly, try to wipe your dogs’ paws every time after you take them for a walk in order to keep your floors free from mud and dirt. Washing them regularly too, as regularly as you vacuum, will keep your flooring and your pets clean.

Use this guide in order to always keep your home odour-free and your flooring stain free.

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