From fleece to floor: The journey of our Brintons wool carpets

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Since 1783 Brintons has woven wool carpets using the highest quality of materials, processes and people…from fleece to floor.

We love wool because it works in all seasons. It’s natural to the touch in summer and spring, but warm and cosy in autumn and winter. Quality carpets need strong wool, which comes specifically from sheep bred in Britain.

We are the biggest user of British Wool with the fleece from 1 in 9 British sheep being used in a Brintons carpet. Shearing is essential for the welfare of sheep and wool grown on sheep which graze freely, is 100% natural and sustainable.

Wool provides luxury underfoot and helps to insulate your home for warmth and comfort. It absorbs sound to give a sense of calm and tranquility plus is naturally fire resistant and fall-friendly for little ones.

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By completely controlling the manufacturing process we can use our centuries of experience and knowledge to mix the best-quality raw materials into the perfect blend.

Our famous Brintons blend combines 80% wool with 20% nylon meaning that the carpet is both luxurious to touch and hardwearing. This blend is still used today because it has all the beauty of wool, in a much longer-lasting form.

After selecting only the best wool, fleeces are washed, stretched and dried before being moved to the factory to be crafted into yarn. The fleece goes through a process where a series of rollers stretch and align the fibres before being spooled onto bobbins and twisted into the highest quality yarn.

This is carefully engineered to ensure it has strength, texture and dye absorption. The controlled dyeing process allows thousands of colours to be realised and once bathed in vats of dye to add colour, the yarn is then positioned onto looms ready for weaving.

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Every Brintons carpet is finished by hand and inspected twice before leaving the factory so you can be confident in the quality of an investment in Brintons.

We truly believe that we offer an outstanding product that will last for years, this is why our selected network of retailers and fitters has been developed to provide you, the customer, with a high standard of customer service and quality through to your installation.

Carpetright works closely with Brintons to ensure expert fitting and a great experience plus you can spread the cost of your purchase with interest free credit.

(Guest post by Brintons)

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