How do I fit vinyl around bathroom fittings?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect vinyl flooring for your bathroom, the next stage is possibly the most difficult; fitting it around your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Without a doubt, this takes a steady hand and a lot of concentration!

But, with these tips and bits of guidance, you’ll have your bathroom flooring installed and looking magazine-ready in no time at all.

Preparing your bathroom

You should begin the process of fitting your vinyl by unrolling your new flooring in a room that’s preferably larger than your bathroom as this will give you plenty of space to trim the vinyl down to a more manageable size, making it much easier to work with. You also need to prepare your bathroom by removing the door and the bath panel as this will make it a lot easier to cut around.

If you have any additional furniture in the room, for example drawers or cupboards, then you should remove these too so that the floor is completely clear.

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Fitting vinyl around your toilet and sink

To fit the vinyl around your toilet or sink you’ll need to lay it as far as the front of the pedestal and then fold it back on itself. Use scissors to cut in from the edge in a straight line to the centre of the toilet pedestal. You should then make a series of cuts in the vinyl around the base of the toilet until the sheet lies complete flat. Be careful not to cut too far in or tear the vinyl and use a bolster chisel to make a sharp crease in the vinyl all the way around the base of the toilet and then cut around the crease, to carefully trim off each flap of vinyl until it fits perfectly.

The next step is to peel back the vinyl and apply adhesive to the floor around the toilet, before carefully pressing the vinyl back into place. You can seal the edges with silicone sealant to prevent water from getting into any gaps and this is something we’d recommend.

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Fitting vinyl around your bathroom door frame

To fit vinyl around your bathroom door frame you should begin by making a series of vertical cuts to the point where the vinyl sheet meets the floor. Simply cut off the excess but be sure to leave between 50mm-100mm turned up at floor level for more accurate trimming later on.

Next, you should press the vinyl into the angle between the door frame and the floor and cut along the crease. Then simply cut the vinyl straight across the line of the door, so that it ends half-way underneath it. Use a threshold bar to hold down and protect the edge of the vinyl while you do this.

More often than not you’ll also have a few pipes going into the floor that you’ll also have to fit your vinyl around. In order to do this, simply make a straight cut in line with the pipe to the edge of the vinyl and then make a series of small cuts at the pipe end until the vinyl lies flat around the pipe. Trim these slip pieces to get a neat finish.

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Now that you’ve fitted your new vinyl flooring in your bathroom, it’s time to take a relaxing bath and enjoy your new contemporary surroundings.

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