Take away today – The fastest way to get new carpet or flooring

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We all know that feeling when we actually take five minutes to have a look around our home and realise that a makeover is long overdue.  Let’s face it – sometimes things get left for longer than we’d really like simply because we have busy lives. 

Maybe something sparked off this realisation.  Maybe you have guests coming to stay or you’re putting your house on the market and it has given you the incentive to take stock of how your home is looking.  Perhaps you have decided to declutter and all that space has opened your eyes to the fact your decoration and flooring is looking a bit sorry for itself.  Whatever the reason, now’s the time to put a plan into action.  Check out some paint or wallpaper samples and decide on new flooring.  But what if you need your flooring super quickly?  It takes ages for carpet and other flooring to be delivered and get fitted; right?  Well, not necessarily….

Of course you do need to order most flooring in advance, but here at Carpetright we always keep quality carpet, laminate and vinyl flooring in stock that you can take away – today if you like!  For instance The Champion Cord carpet range is fantastic value or the Nolan Saxony carpet which will bring a touch of luxury to your toes – and you won’t have to wait for either!

So how does it work?

Well, just like any other purchase where you go into a store, choose your product, pay and leave with it.  It may seem alien to do that with flooring but just follow these very simple steps:

Measure the space

  • Firstly, and most importantly, you need to measure the space. It’s imperative that you get this right as you don’t want to end up with too little flooring – or worse pay for more than you need!

This video explains how to measure a simple room:

It’s not quite so straightforward for more complicated spaces:

  • Draw a simple diagram of the spaces you need flooring for. The drawing doesn’t have to be perfect but the measurements need to be accurate.  Just a simple drawing with all the rooms shown is all you need.
  • Measure your lengths more than once to make doubly sure they’re right and remember to measure to the back of any door frames or room trims.
  • When it comes to stairs or steps, the process is similar. Measure the height and depth and of each stair to give you the length before multiplying by the width.  This will give you the area of each step.  Again, don’t forget to allow 10% for waste and to allow for any margin of error as staircases can be tricky.

Choose your take away flooring

  • With your accurate measurements on hand, go into your local Carpetright or have a look online to see what is available to take away. You will find lots of carpets and vinyl flooring instore on rolls ready to be cut to size.  Once trimmed, you can take it home yourself, or have it delivered – it’s up to you. Prefer to buy online?  Simply enter the measurements using the handy calculator and your carpet or vinyl will be delivered to your local store or to your home – again the decision is yours.
  • For laminate flooring the process is the same. The number of boxes you need will be calculated and again you can just take it home.

Get it fitted

  • Arrange for a trained fitter to come and install your flooring. Alternatively, if you wish to fit it yourself, visit our Advice section and check out the Fitting Guides  for tips and advice.

It really is as simple as that.  There’s no need to wait weeks; we know that sometimes you need flooring in a hurry, so there will always be plenty in stock.