Easter holiday family activities

Easter is an opportunity to spend time with your family, either getting creative indoors, or going outside to enjoy the fresh air, country walks and Easter egg hunts! If you have children, it’s a good idea to be prepared and gather some ideas to keep up your sleeve before the holiday arrives. Below are some activities to help get you started and inspire you to have some festive fun this Easter…

Easter arts & crafts

No matter what your age, getting creative is not only enjoyable, it is actually good for you therapeutically. Go back to your inner child and decorate some eggs, make some bunny ears or paint some flowers.

Girl making Easter bonnets

If you have children get them involved, inviting them to help you with ideas to decorate the house together. You could even do a little family egg-painting competition to really get the creative juices flowing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an artistic flare, its about spending time together as a family and having fun.

Rainy day activities

April showers and colder days are always on the cards at Easter time, and if you have children you know what too much time indoors can lead to – potential mayhem!

Girls reading in a make shift den of blankets

Take control and get one step ahead of the game, helping them to play games and build bed forts – show them how to use bed sheets to drape over or attach to the bed frame. Once it’s finished you could then instigate a game of family hide and seek or snuggle up inside their new den to read some stories.

Bake Easter treats

There is no better time than Easter for a spot of baking. The weather tends to be chilly enough to crave a lovely hot cup of tea and slice of cake to warm you up. The best part about baking at Easter is that your masterpiece can become part of your overall decorations.

Easter cake decorated with colourful eggs

Little chicks on top of Easter nest cup cakes or rabbit shaped sponge cakes and chocolaty treats are enough to add some Easter flare to any room. Baking is a great thing to do together with children, helping them to learn, and then have fun sampling their own creation.

Get outside

Dig out your wellies, or dust off your bikes and get moving in the beautiful countryside. Research the best local bike trails and walking routes and spend some time in the fresh air. Not only is this good for keeping fit, it will also help you work up an appetite for all the Easter treats waiting for you at home.

Easter egg hunt ideas

Easter egg hunts are the perfect way to celebrate Easter Day, and are such great fun for all the family – children and adults alike. Instead of buying baskets, you could all decorate some little paper bags to collect the eggs in. Decorating the bags together is a lovely activity for everyone, especially in anticipation of the hunt.

Small child reaching for Easter eggs during Easter egg hunt

Alternatively, you might prefer a day out and some adventure at the same time, perhaps going to your local woods to hold the egg hunt there. This might give you the perfect excuse to save yourself the cooking and finish the day off with a family meal at a local restaurant.

Local Easter activities

Check online to see what’s going on in your area. With Easter comes a bank holiday and a four-day weekend – it is more than likely that you will find something fun and affordable going on locally for all the family to enjoy!

Family in garden at Easter

Your options for family fun at Easter are endless, just make sure you have a plan and then relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones!

If you’ve got the time to decorate your home in time for Easter celebrations with your family, check out our handy hints and fun ideas here.