Do it Differently: Upcycling bedroom ideas

Welcome to the latest edition of our Do it Differently advice feature. This week we’re discussing ingenious upcycling ideas to provide you with some interior design inspiration for your bedroom.

There’s no better way to mix things up and make your bedroom quirky and unique than by taking one item and turning it into something completeley different. You can be certain that anything you create yourself will be one-of-a-kind and will fit your personal taste and style perfectly in a way that nothing you buy ever could.

Upcycled barrel chair

We’ve picked a few of our favourite upcycling ideas for the bedroom, but if you’d like more inspiration to Do it Differently in your home, just ask us your questions on Twitter using #DoItDifferently

Make multi-functional furniture & save space

Create something beautiful and useful that will actually come in handy and you could save lots of space in your bedroom.

Old drawers can be staggered on top of each other and legs attached to the bottom for a fab chair that you can stash your belongings in.

Paint it in your favourite colours or cover it in photographs, magazine cuttings, gig tickets or anything else that takes your fancy for a brilliant, personalised piece of furniture that will be the envy of your friends.

Stacked drawers

Add some quirky style to your boudoir by popping some table legs on an old suitcase. Depending on how you decide to finish it, this piece could be a fabulously vintage or marvelously modern addition to your room. The suitcase table is another creation that can store your bits and pieces out of sight, but also makes a lovely quirky interior design feature.

Stacked suitcases

Innovative lighting ideas will transform your room

Funky new light fittings can change the whole look of a room in an instant. Recycling old glass bottles, tea cups or jam jars can make a amazing ceiling light that is also an impressive art installation and easily blows boring standard light shades out of the water.

Glass jar light fittings

Pallets, pallets & more pallets

Wooden pallets are taking the upcycling world by storm because they can be made into just about anything! Create beds, sofas, sofa beds, tables and more with some old pallets and decorate them however you like. Leave the wood bare for a rustic look, or paint, varnish or decoupage them to make them a little piece of you.

Upcycled pallet bed

Make your bedroom unique by getting creative and you can save money whilst making something totally bespoke and one-of-a-kind that you’d probably pay a small fortune for in the shops!

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