Do it Differently: Quirky bedroom interior design ideas

Throughout January we’re celebrating the brand new leap year by discussing DIY with an unconventional twist – and you can join in the discussion by using #DoItDifferently on Twitter to send us your interior design questions.

Following on from last week’s ‘Alternative Flooring Ideas‘ feature, it’s now the turn of alternative bedroom interior design, so to find out how to tweak your room to make it a totally unique reflection of your personality – read on!

Bag yourself some beautiful bedding

You can transform your bed in one easy move simply by acquiring some quirky covers, but why be restricted by the notion of bedding coming as a set? Mix up your pillowcases and duvet cover for a more eclectic look in an act of defiance against conformity!

Colourful bedding

If you’re a crafty type, you could even make your own bedding, that way you know it’s definitely a one-off and a little piece of you that no one else can replicate.

Adding beautiful throws and blankets is also a great way to change the look of your bedroom without any drastic action. Try not to shop in the mainstream High Street stores and take a look online, at flea markets and in charity shops for something a little different.

Transform your bed with a canopy

Adding a beautiful canopy to your bed will change the whole room in an instant and make it a lovely serene place to relax and sleep.

Dramatic bed canopy

There are lots of bed canopies that suspend from the wall or ceiling, and they come in all kinds of colours and materials. Bed canopies can drape elegantly over your bed, creating an air of grandeur with heavy luxurious materials… or create a more delicate look with a floaty mosquito net inspired design depending on your taste – this is about being unique after all!

Simple bed canopy netting

Create a unique space with new lighting

Play around with lighting in your bedroom and you could create something magical. Subtle cool blue lighting can give a zen, spa-like feel to a room, or you could go totally off the wall with a wacky light fitting for a more dramatic outcome.

Funky bedroom lighting

Using LED strips along the walls is a great way to achieve a modern, interesting room that stands out from the rest, while a disco ball will scatter pretty light all over your walls, floor and ceiling for a jaw-droppingly wonderful effect.

Disco ball

For a really outlandish look, a disco light in different colours is a fantastically fun way to illuminate the boudoir.

Quit staring into empty space – paint your ceiling

There are few things more boring than laying in bed staring at the ceiling when you’re trying to get to sleep, so say goodbye to blank white space and decorate your ceiling!

Few people are brave enough to touch their ceiling when decorating, so this is a sure-fire way to achieve something new, exciting and different.

Painted striped ceiling

Try covering your ceiling with carpet or vinyl flooring in a fantastic pattern or bold colour for a smart but slightly bonkers interior style.

If that’s not up your street, painting the ceiling the same colour as your walls can create a lovely cosy feel.

However, if you’re being brave enough to decorate the ceiling you might as well do something really amazing – like creating your very own blanket of stars, or giving Michelangelo a run for his money with a fab, over-the-top mural featuring all your favourite things (it obviously doesn’t have to be quite as extravagant.)

Ornate chapel ceiling

There are lots of ways you can make your bedroom a place that is truly your own; if you’d like to find out more or get advice on interior design and how to ‘Do it Differently’ in your own home, send us your questions on Twitterusing #DoItDifferently

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