Do it Differently: Clever space saving ideas for the bedroom

This is the third week of our Do it Differently campaign and we’re taking a look at unconventional bedroom storage solutions to help you make the most of the space you have without sacrificing style for practicality.

Most bedroom storage solutions waste space rather than save it, so forget bulky cupboards and units, make full use of the room you have and do bedroom storage differently with some innovative space-saving ideas…

Make use of every nook & cranny

Use all the space you have! If left empty, bay windows and alcoves are a waste of floor space, so put them to good use. Add shelves to alcoves for loads of extra storage with no loss of room.

Bedroom shelves in alcove

A window-seat is a lovely addition to a bay window, and if you ensure it’s hollow it makes a great storage solution too.

Space saving window seat

Net yourself a funky new storage solution

If you’re low on floor space, don’t try to cram in more furniture to solve the problem – it’s time to turn to the rest of the room for help. Storage nets can be suspended from the walls or ceiling to create a handy hammock for your belongings that takes up zero extra space in your bedroom.

Stash your stuff in a storage bed

As the bed is the one thing your bedroom can’t be without, make good use of the space that this large piece of furniture takes up.

Storage beds are fantastically handy for stashing clothes and other bits and pieces, whether it’s a divan with drawers or a stylish ottoman bed, they’re a great way to keep things out of the way but easily accessible and totally stylish.

Lorenzo Ottoman Bed

Cabin beds in kids bedrooms can give you a desk, storage, seating and a bed in one handy place, packing lots into a room without taking up any extra space.

For a quirkier solution, a fold away bed is ideal and means your bed is only there when you need it!

You can even save wall and unit space by getting a TV bed, this fab bed-gadget combo is great for style-conscious people who don’t want a big black TV screen ruining the look of the room – the TV simply hides away in the end of the bed when it’s not in use.

Manhattan Faux Leather TV Bed

Rotate your wardrobe with the seasons

Get seasonal and rotate the clothes in your wardrobe throughout the year. In winter there really is no need to have summer clothes taking up valuable space, so pack them away in vacuum pack bags to make them a fraction of the size. Then you can pop them in a cupboard or slide them under your bed out of sight and out of mind.

Messy wardrobe

Display bits & bobs with pride

Avoid hiding your bits and pieces in chests of drawers that take up loads of space and stick them to the walls instead! It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds… honest.

Nailing jam jar lids to the underside of shelves is a thrifty and alternative way to tidy things away – you can just pop your bits and bobs in a jar and screw it on to the bottom of the shelf.

Putting hooks on your walls and inside of your cupboard doors creates a little extra place to hang clothes, scarves and even necklaces – it can also look really funky!

Save space with wall hooks

Cork boards are another fab way to make use of wall space, they can be used to hang and display jewellery, so your favourite bits of bling are stored safely but are also on show and adding to the beauty of your room.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about how to tackle alternative interior design and Do it Differently in your home, just ask us on Twitter using #DoItDifferently and we could write a whole feature around your chosen subject!

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