Different mattress types – an easy guide


Choosing a new mattress is a big decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Most people keep their mattresses for around 6-7 years so it’s imperative that you choose one that’s right for you and your partner, if you share a bed.  Your future sleep quality and back health depend on sleeping on the right surface for you.  So we all know if we favour a double divan or a king size bed frame. But what about the all important mattress? Do you prefer a really firm mattress with springs and foam on top to really hold you in place as you snooze?  Or do you love the indulgence of a soft mattress that you can really sink down into and lose yourself in sleep?

It’s always best to try before you buy with mattresses so pop along to the Comfort Station at your local Carpetright to have a lie down!  Take your partner with you and test out the mattresses to find the right one.  We don’t even mind if you drift off the land of nod – as long as you find the right mattress.

In the meantime, here’s a guide to help you to start thinking about which mattress you’d prefer:

Pocket sprung mattress

Ever popular, pocket sprung mattresses are constructed with separate springs encased in pockets of fabric.  These coils will support you on your pressure points relieving stress on joints, making sure you get a full night’s sleep.  Plus, as the coils are individual, you won’t get disturbed by a partner’s movements, even if they are a fidget. Happy days.…or should that be nights?

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made completely of foam and work by keeping the distribution of your body weight even all through the night.  The foam will mould to your individual shape, supporting you right where you need it, easing any aches or pains and ensuring a great night’s rest.  Lovely.

Pocket sprung memory foam mattress

A pocket spring mattress with a top layer of foam really will give you the best of both worlds.  With fabulous support from the springs beneath and the top layer moulding to your shape, you’ll be in the land of nod in no time.

Hypoallergenic mattress

These anti-allergy mattresses are made with materials that simply do not harbour the allergens that lead to the symptoms, giving you peaceful, wheeze-free sleep every night. Pocket sprung, traditional spring, latex or memory mattresses are all available as a hypoallergenic so you are sure to find the one that suits you.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are great for those with a bad back as they offer support and relieve any pain meaning you feel refreshed after a night’s sleep.  Plus they are hypoallergenic so say ‘night night’ to inconvenient sneezing or runny eyes at bedtime.

No turn mattress

No need to flip and turn these no turn mattresses like traditional ones, as their construction means they keep in tip top condition with just the occasional end-to-end rotation.

What firmness rating is best?

When it comes to firmness, there’s no right or wrong answer– it’s down to personal choice.

Soft mattress

Soft mattresses will support your joints and relieve pressure points, giving you the support you need for quality sleep.  Great for side snoozers.

Medium mattress

Medium mattresses will offer more support than a soft, providing comfort and support whilst reducing the pressure on your joints in all manner of sleeping positions.

Medium/Firm mattress

Whatever position you sleep in, a medium/firm mattress will reduce pressure on your joints and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Firm mattress

Do you snooze on your back or spread out on your stomach?  Then a firm mattresses will suit you. The more rigid structure helps to keep your spine in perfect alignment as you sleep.

For more information on beds and mattresses check out our Buying Guides where you will find everything you need to help you make the right decision.