Dear Carpetright: Is laminate flooring suitable for my bedroom?

Laminate flooring has many benefits in modern homes, as well as being practical and convenient it is also stylish with a great range of realistic-looking finishes that mimic traditional floors.

Easy to fit, quick to clean and guaranteed to suit your interior design preferences, it is no wonder that laminate flooring has found its way into virtually every room of the house. But should your bedroom be one of them?

Quattro 8 Loft White Laminate Flooring

Is laminate flooring suitable for the bedroom?

Yes! Laminate planks or tiles are ideal bedroom flooring options and allow you to get something truly stylish and practical.

The main benefit of fitting laminate flooring in this room is that it is easy to keep clean which means far less maintenance than if you have carpet. It is also long-lasting so you are likely to need to replace it less frequently than some other floor types.

As it is a “floating floor” which is not stuck down but rather locks together to form a continuous floor that can expand and contract with the temperature, you can also replace damaged sections more easily.

The great range of designs and colours means you won’t be restricted on choice either. Wood-effect laminate is a classic option that can look warm and traditional in bedrooms, but there are also tile-effect finishes which replicate the look of real floors perfectly but cost much less.

Hyde Park Palatino Travertine Laminate Flooring

For more indulgent choices, you’ll find embossed, registered embossed and handscraped varieties available too. These offer the most realistic looks and feels and are a true signal of luxury.

How to incorporate laminate flooring in the bedroom

Incorporating laminate flooring into your bedroom is very easy, and the hardest decision you’ll have to make is over which laminate to choose.

Consider the overall look of your bedroom and see if there are any features, themes, colours or materials which you can match your choice of flooring – if you have a traditional oak bed then an oak-effect laminate could set it off perfectly.

Alternatively, a modern bedroom with a metal bed frame might prefer white-washed wood effect laminate or a lighter beech grain, while sleek black and grey laminates are perfect for those after a monochrome look.

Remember to accessorise and embellish your flooring too. A rug chosen in a corresponding colour to your room will look beautiful and can also rid any fears you have about laminate flooring being cold underfoot.

Choose a rug in a style and colour that matches your blinds, curtains, linen and other furnishings and place it strategically by your bed to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom. With this combination of a soft and luxurious rug and stylishly practical laminate flooring, your bedroom is guaranteed to be a relaxing haven.

How do I know if laminate is suitable for bedrooms?

Most laminate flooring will be suitable for use in the bedroom, but if you want to be sure then we include details of which rooms our laminates can be fitted in on our website or you can ask one of our friendly staff members in store.

If you’re thinking of bringing laminate flooring into your bedroom, order free samples today.