Create a London Fashion Week-ready dressing room

All eyes will be on London this month as the fashion pack descends. London Fashion Week is a huge date in the international fashion calendar, darling. And even if you haven’t got tickets for the front row you can find a way to bring some of the high drama of the catwalk to your own home.

Fashion models waiting to start a show

Here are our top tips for creating a dressing room that makes you feel like a supermodel…

Bespoke storage solutions

If you are lucky enough to have space for a dressing room in your home then it’s the perfect place to turn into a glamorous sanctuary just for you. Wish you had one? Then consider if you have spare space at home to steal.

An unused hallway cupboard, a spare room filled with boxes or even a corner of a larger bedroom – can all be transformed with a little ingenuity into a dressing space.

Woman looking in her wardrobe

Once you have your room then kitting it out with the right storage is essential. Go through your whole wardrobe and take stock of what you need to store. Winter coats, summer dresses, shoes, jewellery and even socks!

A great dressing room has a place for all of them. Whether your budget is high street or high end, look for storage solutions that let you see what you have – pull-out drawers, pull-down rails and clever dividing systems for drawers and cupboards will help keep it all in check.

Walk in wardrobe full of clothes

You can commission a bespoke solution from a local joiner, or try somewhere like Ikea for affordable wardrobe systems that will meet your needs.

Flattering lighting

You want your dressing room to flatter and make you feel great – the key to this is good lighting and a trustworthy mirror.

Invest in a full length mirror that you feel reflects you fairly! Then try to position it so you can move it around – a mirror on its own stand is great for this.

Then get the lighting right. A single overhead pendant will cast shadows on you and make it hard to see what’s what, so instead opt for a number of recessed spotlights in a neutral tone that will flatter your skin colour rather than washing it out.

Dressing room mirror with lights

Lighting strips down the edge of a fixed mirror will also help you get a true view of yourself when applying make-up.

Luxury furniture & accessories

If you want to look a million dollars then you need a dressing room that makes you feel that way too. So think about décor that is sexy and also comfortable to spend time in.

If you have room for a small armchair then it will be well worth it – great for trying on endless pairs of shoes, sitting on while you consider your outfit options and of course carelessly casting clothes onto as you undress.

Woman sat on a white arm chair choosing clothes

Think about the flooring too – pick a deep pile carpet that is soft and warm underfoot to make your room super comfortable, ideally in a glamorous rich colour or a calming neutral.

Sandringham Carpet from Carpetright

If you prefer a hard floor then add a pretty patterned rug to add a more feminine note and to give you something warm to stand on while you ponder your shoe shelf.

And for the finishing touch, why not pick out a luxurious wallpaper for the room – in a small space you can really go for it with intricate patterns and colours that reflect your personality.

Get a stunning rug or carpet to create a London fashion week-ready dressing room, use our store locator to find the one nearest to you!