Colour psychology: Setting the mood with colour

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Colour can be a powerful force and has the ability to change or enhance your mood.  Whether you are aware of it or not, the colour you wear or surround yourself with is strongly linked to your emotions and this can be used as an excellent design tool for home interiors. This sensation is called colour psychology and can be used to add serenity to a room or to energize a space.  Colour can be used to make the smallest room seem spacious and light, a larger room cosier or a cold room feel warmer.

Understanding the close relationship between colour and mood, and colour and design, will help to influence your chosen shades when you are restyling a room.  Adding a colour to your floor will give a room a base to work from when decorating, and brightly coloured carpet or vinyl flooring can change the feel of a room considerably. Similarly give a room a neutral floor like a wood effect laminate and you have free reign to splash colour on the walls or add bright accessories.

So we know that colour can influence the mood of a room and those in it, but how will each colour make you feel?  Below we talk about a few popular colours – let’s start with red:

Red rooms

Red has long since been associated with passion, love and danger and is a colour that will stimulate your senses.  Paint your walls red and your room will feel more intimate; great for a large room but not so good for a smaller one as it may feel like the walls are closing in.  However, a red carpet or vinyl will add warmth without feeling enclosed.   The more vibrant the shade, the more stimulated you may feel as bright red has been proved to actually raise blood pressure, so not ideal for a bedroom as you may find your mind waking up when it’s time for sleep.  However, a muted deep red can induce a feeling of positive energy, warmth and security without the raised heart rate.

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White rooms

In western society white is synonymous with purity, serenity and cleanliness. A white room will evoke a sense of calm and can make it feel larger than it is.  It will add a freshness to the space and a crisp and airy finish that is great for smaller rooms, but beware of over-doing white as it can become sterile looking.  The feeling of serenity that white induces can be achieved without going all out.  Just by adding touches here or there; window frames, skirting boards, white laminate flooring or furniture and accessories will all work to add to the sense of peace.

Feeling Blue

Looking at the blue sky or the sea creates the same feeling in most people the world over.  A large expanse of the colour blue induces a feeling of tranquillity, and most people feel soothed by this.  Transfer this to your walls and your room will be a calm environment, ideal as work space.  It can also make a room that gets a lot of sun appear cooler.  Of course the temperature remains the same, but the psychological effect of the colour means you won’t feel quite so hot.  Again, the shade of blue very much determines the effects on the brain.  An electric blue will act as a stimulant where a deep navy blue will be extra calming; great for a bedroom carpet.

Green is the colour

Green has a similar effect on the psyche as blue in that it generally incites a feeling of calming reassurance. This is based on a purely primal level, with the brain believing we are in a safe environment, lush and fertile with plenty of water so we can relax. Using green as part of interior design can however on occasions go wrong.  Some greens look great in natural light but look terrible at night under artificial lights, and this will have a different effect on the mind altogether! One way round this is to use lots of differing tones of green together, as in nature.  Most plants and grasses are not a solid shade of green but are in fact made up of lots of varying hues. Green can also work well with other complimentary colours and to maintain the sense of calm, combine with neutral colours such as cream, grey or beige.

All colours will have an impact on your psychological well-being so it is well worth looking into the effects of a colour scheme before you decide.  Check out our coloured vinyl flooring and carpets and decide on the mood you’d like to set in your living spaces.

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