The Colour Lab: Think Pink

Are you a pink person? It’s a colour that can unite people – as it does during Breast Cancer Awareness Month – but it’s not for everyone. It is, however, a huge trend for interiors and decorating this season, so we will be having a closer look at using the colour in your home.

Is pink the new grey?

For the last few years grey has reigned supreme as the fashionable neutral colour for walls, offering lots of shades to play with. But from this season pink is taking it’s place. The good news is that pink and grey work really well together, so if you’ve already fallen for grey there’s no need to redecorate – just accessorizing with pink or creating a feature wall will give your room a lift that looks very now.

Bounce 594 Cortille Granite Mosaic Vinyl Flooring

However, if you’re feeling tempted to explore the possibility of painting a whole room pink, then we wholeheartedly recommend it. A pale pink adds a soft warmth to even north-facing rooms and works well with so many other colours – blues, greens, yellows and even a well chosen pop of red will complement a pink room perfectly.

The perfect pink

The key to making pink work at home is to pick the right shade for you. For some it might be a strong bubble-gum pink that looks great with a black and white retro kitchen for example. But for most of us over the age of 12, something a bit less sickly sweet will be the best shade to go for. Paint experts Farrow & Ball have been championing pink for years, and their paint is a good place to start when picking your shade. Their Pink Ground, for example, is a wonderful soft pink – it’s pretty enough for pink-lovers but neutral enough to work in any space.

Pink for the floor

You can add instant warmth to a room by putting pink on the floor instead. A soft pink carpet in a gentle, dusty shade will add a subtle touch of warmth to any room, while a pink rug works wonderfully on top of both dark wood flooring and in an all-white space. Still worried it will look too girlie? Layer up with other slightly muted pastel shades like stone, soft sage green, grey-blue and pale cappuccino for a space that will feel calm, serene and light. Add a touch of wood or copper in your accessories and the whole room will look effortlessly modern.

Super Mansion House Twist Plain Carpet

Hot pink

If you’re after a more fashion-forward look, then the last thing you want to do it tone down the pink. Here is where adding another colour for extra punch comes in. At many interior design shows over the last year, designers have been playing around with red and pink. If it sounds garish, trust us, the effect of a red cushion, vase or rug in a pale pink space brings both of them alive in dramatic style. And far from looking too pretty, this sort of colour combination makes pink pack a very modern punch!

Camden Stripe Carpet


Thinking pink but want to test it first? Order free samples today and preview the look at your own leisure!