The Colour Lab: Sultry Silver

Gold, brass and copper might be all over the high-street at the moment, but for a fresh, more sophisticated look with a light touch perhaps it’s time you invested in silver. Beautiful with pure white, it’s also great for sexing up the grey walls that are currently all the range – it’s a very flexible material that’s great for boosting a feeling of light.

Silver for interiors is a classic colour, part of schemes from every era. But it’s also a shade that is heavily associated with certain styles. Here we’ve got lots of ideas for introducing silver to your design scheme, inspired by some classic looks as well as the most contemporary way of working it.

Silver for Art Deco

Subtler than gold, and with younger, fresher associations, silver was the metallic accent preferred by the Bright Young Things of the Roaring Twenties.

Silver themed room with mirror, clock, chair and candle in a candlestick

From the chandeliers to Carey Mulligan’s fabulous fascinator, the movie of The Great Gatsby used silver to express cool glamour, and you can bring this same sensibility into your own home. Working wonderfully with both black and deep blue, silver will bring light and reflective qualities to any room and can be used almost anywhere.

From the Deco-style surround on a full-length mirror, a seductive flash of silver bed frame beneath white sheets highlighted with silver thread, to geometric wallpapers using silver, it’s a great colour to add in small amounts to lift a scheme and add an element of understated luxury. Check out our metal bed frames and you” find a number of great examples – mixing a 1930s silhouette with silver frame and crystal finials, it sums up that ‘Ocean Liner’ style of the time.

Chloe metal bed frame in a bedroom

Futuristic silver

Remember Jane Fonda’s sexy silver space suit in Barbarella? In the 70s silver was used by designers as a symbol of space-age futurism. So if you have a passion for retro design then adding some silver can be a fun way to revamp your scheme.

Silver works brilliantly on leather, so adding some silver cushions or a silver leather foot stool is a sexy way to add silver to your living room. For another tactile way to introduce it, try some silver vinyl flooring.


A silver mosaic print or even a wood metallic finish will add life and glamour to a kitchen or bathroom effortlessly. Carry the colour through to the little details – whether a silver standing lamp or a bejewelled silver trim on blinds – for a room with a touch of futuristic magic.

Scandi silver

The purity of Scandi chic is built around white walls and pale wood, but if you want to add a touch of sparkle then silver is the natural partner. It works wonderfully well with white, keeping any room feeling light and airy while adding that touch of glamour that an all-white scheme can sometimes lack.

To keep the organic feel that is key to Scandinavian interiors look for accessories with a crackled silver effect, that gives a feel rather like an antique mirror. Candle holders, vases, throws woven from silvery thread, even silver laminate flooring – all will add depth and a bit of glam to a contemporary Scandi scheme.

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