The Colour Lab: Deep Purple

Regal, mysterious and creative, purple is a powerful colour with lots of glamorous associations. But how do you use it when decorating at home?

This season there’s no need to shy away from the bold and dramatic in your interiors, so here are our tips and interior design ideas for putting your home through a purple patch.

Purple for luxury

Historically purple was a precious colour – rare in nature, it grew to have associations with royalty and exclusivity, and those connections still exist in our minds today.

Painting a room purple, or furnishing with purple, creates an instantly luxurious, glamorous feel. It’s a perfect fit for the trend for dark interiors – after black walls and navy blue, all-over purple is the next natural step for creating an intimate space with a hint of grandeur, like a dining room or formal sitting room.

Purple and black home interior

It fits wonderfully well with rich textures – think a deep purple velvet on a large comfy sofa or a deep pile purple rug laid in front of a roaring fire. If you don’t want to make your room design too OTT then undercut the luxuriousness of the colour instead, going for rough linens in purple rather than sumptuous velvets.

Similarly, if you want a room with glitzy then mix in accessories in copper or even gold – and for a more understated look then go for more natural colours for accessories like stone or pale brown.

Pick out a purple patch

Perhaps the safer way to decorate with purple is to use it sparingly, picking just one big area of the colour to build your room design on, a purple carpet for example.

Tranquility Saxony Plain Carpet

As a creative colour it’s a great element to add to a space where you need to work – a feature wall in your home office will look great in a deep purple, and help get those creative juices flowing!

Sticking to purple on a single wall or on the floor lets you keep the other walls a lighter colour so the room doesn’t feel too overpowering, while you can add depth and interest by drawing out the purple in softer, complementary shades of lilac and mauve for accessories.

Purple feature wall

Many current prints have an element of purple which will be just enough to tie everything together. And don’t forget to add something small that will add a contrast or pop – a single red element in a room of neutrals and purple will really add that perfect final note.

Dream in purple

Purple can also work incredibly well in bedrooms. As well as being associated with creativity it is a restful colour, and also brings a softness to a design scheme that is less girly than pink and less chilly than blue.

Bed Company Ottoman Bed

We would suggest using an element or two in purple for a bedroom, rather than painting it floor-to-ceiling. A cosy purple rug on a whitewashed wood floor will add that element of luxury, as will an upholstered divan and headboard, putting a shot of purple at the centre of the room.

Lorenzo Bordered Fabric Headboard

Team with soft white voile curtains and white painted furniture for a look that’s warm without being too heavy, or draw on Oriental design with natural wood and black lacquer details for a more global-inspired take on the trend.

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