The Colour Lab: Chocolate mint interiors

Some combinations are classics that never fail. Remember how hard it is to keep your fingers out of the After Eight box at Christmas? It’s the enduring allure of zingy mint and warming chocolate.

There is even a day celebrating this oh-so-sweet culinary combination – National Chocolate Mint day takes place on Friday 19th February this year, so we thought we’d examine how to use this classic pairing in interior decorating too.

Chocolate and mint

Here is our look at decorating with mint green and chocolate brown. We hope you have a sweet tooth!

A fresh look at mint

Mint itself is a herb that is naturally refreshing, and in ancient history was considered a mark of hospitality. So it is with mint colours for the home – light and refreshing, using mint in a design scheme adds a fresh but calming note to a room making it ideal for bedrooms and studies.

Mint green wall and a plant in a white pot

The colour is even thought to reduce tension and some claim it can help to relieve migraines, so if you want to create a home that diminishes stress then mint green is the perfect restful shade.

Mint is also surprisingly versatile, as the fresh quality makes it ideal for contemporary spaces, while the softness of the colour also means it works well as a backdrop to a vintage-inspired scheme.

It works wonderfully on walls of course, but mint can also be a great colour for flooring. A cosy carpet in a soft green shade will give your room a real lift without dominating, giving a spring-like feel to any room.

Carousel Twist Turquoise Carpet from Carpetright

As mint has a coolness to it, it is also a great way to take reddish tones out of a room – a pale green carpet will even out a room with lots of wood or south-facing sunlight for example. For adding a bit of life to a kitchen or bathroom then a vinyl floor in a mint green is another perfect solution.

Chocolate treats

Mint’s neutral qualities also makes it a great backdrop for adding other, bolder accent colours. A deep chocolate brown is just one such combination, but it’s a tried and tested classic.

Just like a good dessert, this colour combination mixes something light and refreshing with something deep, rich and indulgent. Chocolate brown tones are a great alternative to last year’s trend for black walls.

Bergerac Carpet from Carpetright

Although chocolate is almost as dark a shade, it has a much warmer feel that is easier to live with whilst still supplying buckets of drama.

Chocolate walls sound a bit too overwhelming? Then mint walls with a chocolate brown carpet, or a cappuccino coloured laminate will create a scheme that is warm but not heavy. Chocolate carpets will make any room feel cosy and also keep their good looks no matter what you throw at them!

Mix and match

Like any well-known colour combination, you’ll find no problem sourcing fabrics and wallpaper that fit in with a mint and chocolate scheme.

Pretty prints featuring leaves, branches and flowers are ever popular and will help bring your entire room together if used for curtains or cushion covers.

Versaille Berber Carpet

Natural or dark wood furniture will also fit effortlessly into this kind of room scheme, so there’s no need to refurnish from scratch.

And as mint itself is having something of a moment, you’ll also find lots of pretty accessories like mint green glassware and even side tables in mint green enamel in the shops at the moment that will add that crucial last refreshing note. Delicious…

Add chocolate or mint touches to your interiors with carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring, test it out in your home and order free samples before you commit.