As the season turns and the leaves fade from green to autumnal orange, thoughts in the home turn to warmth and comfort. This season an easy way to bring the warmth of a winter fire into the home is with Burnt Orange – it’s a classic interiors shade that exudes cosiness, so we’re looking at the different ways you can use it, whatever the style of your home. Need some inspiration? Just look at the trees outside – the orange we’re talking about is rusty, rich and natural, perfect for bringing a warm glow into your interior scheme.


Natural palette

If the idea of strong orange in the home evokes memories of 70s style and the set from Abigail’s Party, never fear. There is a much more modern way to do orange and that’s to focus on natural, earth pigments that don’t feel artificial or jarring. Think about mixing a burnt orange with other colours like sand, stone, bark browns and even a very soft pink to create a room that looks timeless and organic. Unvarnished wood furniture, leather accents and a plain floor in wood laminate or natural carpet will keep everything feeling slightly rustic.

Orange for the floor

Colour psychologists claim that orange is an uplifting colour that encourages happiness, optimism and spontaneity. What’s not to like? With these powerful positive effects, we think orange is a great colour for the floor in a family room – whether a kid’s playroom or a large kitchen. Bright, solid-colour vinyls can create a wonderful, hardwearing floor in a strong colour like orange, and look great teamed with crisp white walls and a few colourful accents – a fresh green or bright blue for example. Keep the walls a fresh white and add furniture with simple, clean lines to let the floor shine as the room’s real centrepiece.


Fun and funky

Influential colour company Pantone has already released details of nine colour trends for 2016, and their ‘Merriment’ colour palette is a great way to incorporate orange. As the name suggests it’s all about fun and a bit of frivolity, and combines orange with pinks, yellow and blues for a clashing palette that is strictly for the brave. However used sparingly we think this dynamic way of using orange looks very modern, and leaves you in no danger of creating a 70s vibe. Try adding a plain orange rug to a coloured carpet or mixing orange cushions with a blue sofa for a bold scheme that’s full of life.

Luxury Modern Living Room

Orange luxe

It’s true that orange isn’t usually thought of as a luxurious colour, but introducing a single note of rich, burnt orange to a room can creating some surprising glamour. Think about the exotic appeal of black lacquer furniture and walls in a deep emerald green (another hot colour for this autumn). Perfect for an intimate cinema den or a dining room, the only thing this scheme needs is a punch of deep orange – a shaggy rug or velvet cushions for example – to add some heat.

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