The Colour Lab: Black Friday

Black is bold, beautiful and this season it’s a definite must-have. But while in fashion black is the staple, the colour that almost every woman feels comfortable wearing, in interiors it’s seen as a much more daring choice – and one that can be difficult to get right.

For winter 2015 however it’s impossible to ignore, and – just like that little black dress that fashion mags tell us should be the staple of every wardrobe – black for the home can add glamour, drama, and a bit of sex appeal – perfect for party season.

Black wallpaper

 Paint it black

Are you bold enough to paint a whole room black? It might sound like a teen bedroom nightmare, but that’s what plenty of interior designers and stylists have done, to stunning effect.

A single statement wall in black might be a good entry point, but going all-black on the walls, woodwork, floors and – yes – even the ceiling will create a surprisingly warm space that’s easy to live with.

Our tip is to choose your black paint carefully. A true black is rather harsh, but a slightly-off black or charcoal will look much softer.

Black bedroom decor

Add lots of mood lighting and accessories in reflective metals like copper or bronze, and a black-framed mirror to bounce light around so the space won’t feel gloomy.

Black lacquer furniture is another great idea for adding some sophistication and life without diluting your colour scheme. Keep a softness to the room with velvet cushions and upholstery in rich jewel colours. Trust us – if you’re brave enough this will take your living room or bedroom from bland to unforgettable.

Black furniture

Black basics

The interiors magazines may be full of all-black rooms, but that’s not the only way to harness black’s dramatic appeal. A shot of black on just one element of the room will also make a powerful statement. The floor is the most obvious place. A black floor will look perfectly on-trend but is also something that won’t go out of style.

Floorgrip 599 Artesia Patterned Vinyl Flooring

Black flooring doesn’t have to be glossy or hard either – if you pick natural materials or products that replicate their texture the look will be much softer. Try black slate-effect laminate, an engineered ebony wood floor or black carpet for a timeless style that’s very easy to live with. And of course, as we all know, black goes with everything, so picking this colour for your floor means it will still look great through any number of colour scheme changes on the walls.

Virgo Plain Black Carpet

Black is the new white

Black is so hip at the moment that it’s even making appearances in surprising places. Black gloss kitchens are becoming incredibly popular, as people look for more glamorous and interesting alternatives to standard gloss white units.

Harmony 998 Alfas Stone Tile Vinyl Flooring

And in the bathroom, for so long an all-white zone, high end brassware companies like GROHE and Dornbracht are introducing black taps. For both these spaces a black vinyl floor makes the perfect base for adding other small black elements and creating a dynamic scheme with just a hint of drama.

For a wonderful choice of beds, flooring and rugs to suit our Black Friday themed rooms visit us in store using our store locator to find one near you!