Colour Focus: Blueberry

With National Blueberry Cheesecake Day being celebrated on 26 May this year, it’s time to talk about blueberry!

Whilst we are all guilty of enjoying that odd blueberry muffin or cheesecake from time to time, the colour blueberry is equally popular. With spring finally showing up, it’s time to let the outdoors in and brighten up our homes with this stunning hue of blue.


Why blueberry? 

The colour blueberry is extremely versatile and can be used in any room in your home to create a spring/summer feel. It’s a great choice for accessories if you want to replace the darker colours you introduced to your home over winter and is a great way to lift the appearance of your home to match the seasons ahead.

Light blue in your bathroom

Add a light or moody blue to your bathroom for a cool and calming effect with blue vinyl flooring, guaranteed to be both functional and ultra stylish. Teaming moody blue vinyl flooring with some stunning white blinds or shutters along with the white bathroom accessories including towels, candles and bath mats will help to create a calming oasis you’ll never want to leave but you can also opt for the reverse and select a traditional white mosaic style vinyl floor with blue accessories including bath maths.

Deep blue in your kitchen

Another room geared up for vinyl flooring is the kitchen – so why not opt for a deep blue vinyl floor that will really pop against aluminium and metal units? This is a great option for modern homes but it also works well for families as stains, marks and blemishes are more easily hidden in this rich colour.

Midnight blue in your lounge

Your lounge is the heart of your home so it’s crucial that you have the right look and feel. Blues are becoming extremely popular in many households because they adapt to moving trends and work in harmony with both urban and architectural materials. Try a royal or midnight blue carpet for a dark and mysterious stand-out style or embrace a common colour combo of teal blue or turquoise with brown for something a little more subtle.

Heavenly blue in your bedroom

You want your bedroom to be a place of relaxation so ditch darker shades of blue for something more subtle. Ideally you want a colour which is light but not pale, else it could begin to feel cold. If you would prefer to use blueberry and blues as an accessory or accent colour then keep the walls and main flooring neutral and introduce some blueberry cushions, curtains, ornaments and maybe even a blue rug. You can even look for one that uses blue alongside other colours if you don’t want to restrict yourself to just one accent colour.

By implementing the use of pale blues and blueberry colours with whites and other neutrals, you can create the look and feel of a relaxing open space in your home. The perfect sentiment to embrace at spring, follow these simple tips and make the most of National Blueberry Cheesecake Day this year by bringing the colour into all aspects of your life.

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