what does your colour choice say about you?

Are you ready to buy a new carpet but struggling to pick a colour?

It’s no easy task picking the right colour for your new carpet. If you’re disinterested by the standard greys and creams, you might want to consider a more vibrant alternative. Picking the right colour is as much about personality as it is about design.

So what does your colour choice say about you?


According to celebrity interior designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, green is “strong again.” Versatile and fashionable, green has had a resurgence in popularity this year due to it being one of the brighter neutral colours. Green has always been widely associated with nature and environmentalism and this carpet would speak volumes to your love of the outside world and all things nature.


Red carpets are no longer exclusive to movie stars! When the red carpet isn’t being laid out for celebrities it’s often quite unusual to see a red carpet in a home. That’s because red can be such an intense colour. Red has connotations of danger and alarm, it’s probably as far as you can get from neutral calming tones! We “see red” when we’re angry and darker shades of red can be interpreted as the colour of passion. Interestingly psychologists believe that if you’re an admirer of red you’re probably more of an active, outgoing and warm person.


Feeling blue? It’s a bit of a cliché really. While blue is the colour we immediately associated with being down or sad, it’s actually a fantastic, lively colour that looks wonderful in the home. Of all the primary colours it probably the best to flooring if you are looking for an alternative to greys and browns without going too excessive. Blue is also the colour of the sky and the ocean and it’s actually a colour associated with peace and calm more than any other. If you’re feeling blue with your next carpet you’re probably more of an easy going person that enjoys peace and quiet.


You might be called yellow-bellied for opting for a pale yellow, or you might be a bit bolder with a bright egg yellow. Either way yellow is an exceptionally creative colour.  Psychologists believe that yellow is associated with a friendly person who values individuality. A yellow lover may also be more inventive and inspiring and can therefore probably handle this difficult colour when it comes to carpets and interior design as a whole.

So don’t write off the brighter shades. Design isn’t just about harmony, it’s about embracing your personality too. And while you don’t have to go with a stark coloured carpet, you should still have a think about all the shades in between and what they might say about you!


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