As the clocks go back, sleep well this winter with Sealy

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Can you believe it’s that time of year again? On October 30th, we’ll all turn the clocks back one hour and welcome the shorter, darker days. The clock change means a sudden shift in the daylight exposure, something which is essential for our internal body clock to maintain a 24-hour rhythm track. Unfortunately, we won’t see lighter nights again until March next year, so here’s some advice from our friends over at Sealy UK to help you stay energised through the autumn and winter months.

  1. Firstly, it’s important to try keep a sleeping pattern. We suggest getting up at the same time as you normally would. Appreciate that extra hour in bed by using it as an opportunity to sleep for longer or just relax. It may take a couple of days for your body to adjust to this new schedule but routine is the key when it comes to your body clock.
  1. Although you get an extra hour in bed in the morning, this also means going to bed an hour earlier – again sticking to your original sleep times is vital. We suggest refraining from using technology at least an hour before bedtime. Seeing bright lights at night tends to delay your body clock so switch off your phones, tablets and anything else that may distract you before bedtime.
  1. With fewer hours of daylight overall, it can be helpful to seek out sun exposure where you can. This will help adjust the body’s circadian rhythm. Some people invest in a sun lamp or you can just try to get out and about when you can. The weather may be dull but you’ll still get some vitamin D, we promise. In fact, using sun screen in the summer months actually reduces our vitamin D intake, so the winter is a great time to top up.
  1. In conjunction with the last point, get outside and do some exercise. This will keep your energy levels high and will guarantee you are tired in the evening.
  1. Diet can be key to helping your overall energy levels too – so make sure you’re eating healthily so you’re kept energised throughout the winter days. Additionally, avoid alcohol and caffeine as this can massively impact on your quality of sleep.
  1. Avoid napping – although this may seem like the perfect way to get an energy boost, napping could stop you from sleeping as well through the night. If you can’t resist a sneaky nap, try to limit this to 10-20 minutes and no more.
  1. Invest in an alarm clock which specialises in helping you wake up naturally by simulating light for sunrise and helps you fall asleep with sunset setting.
  1. More simply, make sure you have a nice sleeping environment. Make your room feel relaxed and invest in some new bedding – make sure you have the right tog rating for the cold too.

Although the winter months may feel long and grim, beginning the season with a good sleeping pattern will do you wonders.

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