How to clean soot off your carpet

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The magic of Christmas is never stronger than on Christmas Eve.  The kids are ready for bed super early hoping that tomorrow will come that bit quicker.  A carrot has been left out for Rudolph, a festive mince pie and drop of sherry sits on the mantle for the big man himself.  Children lay in bed, trying so hard to sleep but are far too excited.  They wait expectantly for the sound of sleigh bells as the magic craft lands on the roof, hoping to hear the sound of Santa’s footsteps above them.  Little do they know that the ‘magic’ won’t happen until they have drifted off to the land of nod!

However, It’s all well and good a large fellow coming down your chimney once a year to leave gifts for the little ones, but what about the mess he leaves behind on your brand new carpet?  All that debris from the chimney will do your flooring no good at all.  How are you supposed to clean up the soot ground into your carpet by his big size ten boots?

Don’t worry, help is at hand.  It’s always wise to check out manufacturer’s advice for the dos and don’ts of looking after your carpet in the first instance. However, our simple instructions below should help you get rid of soot, and other unwanted stains.  The most important thing to remember is do not wet or brush the offending soot until you have followed these steps, and you will soon restore your carpet to its pre-Santa glory:

  1. Using the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner, hover above the thickest patch to remove as much as you can.
  2. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is great for absorbing unwanted substances. Apply generously over the affected area, ensuring it is completely covered, brushing gently without scrubbing.  Leave for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Again, using the nozzle attachment of your vacuum, clean the area in the same way as previously. You should see that the majority of the soot has now been removed.
  4. Brush a second lot of baking soda into the stain and leave for another 30 – 45 minutes.
  5. After this time, give the area a thorough vacuuming using your cleaner in the normal way.
  6. If you find there is still a stain, try using a dry cleaning solvent. Apply to a towel and blot the carpet – never use directly on your carpet.
  7. You will see a significant amount, if not all, of the stain has now gone. If it is not completely clean, use the fizziness of soda water by lightly pouring onto the affected area and blotting with a thick towel.  Use your body weight to press down hard on the towel as this will allow the fizziness to really get to work.
  8. Allow to dry and give it another thorough clean with a vacuum.

These steps should get the job done.  However, if Santa has given your carpet a real going over and there is still evidence that he’s been, a deep or steam clean may be required.

For more information on caring for your carpet and other flooring types, check out our advice centre where you will find lots of hints and tips.

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